What happened to the dead bodies in the trenches ww1?

What happened to the dead bodies in the trenches ww1?

Many men killed in the trenches were buried almost where they fell. If a trench subsided, or new trenches or dugouts were needed, large numbers of decomposing bodies would be found just below the surface. They usually went for the eyes first and then they burrowed their way right into the corpse.

How did World War I affect Texas’s economy?

Texas farmers felt the first impact of the war through cotton prices. In 1917, when the U.S. entered the war, the average price per pound in the state was 26 cents and increased to 29.48 cents by war’s end in 1918.

Why was the homefront so important to the war front?

Their success in mobilizing economic output was a major factor in supporting combat operations. Among morale-boosting activities that also benefited combat efforts, the home front engaged in a variety of scrap drives for materials crucial to the war effort such as metal, rubber, and rags.

How did the homefront support the war effort?

Rationing on the Home Front Many Americans supported the war effort by purchasing war bonds. Women replaced men in sports leagues, orchestras and community institutions. Americans grew 60% of the produce they consumed in “Victory Gardens”. The war effort on the United States Home Front was a total effort.

How did World War I impact the American homefront?

The United States homefront during World War I saw a systematic mobilization of the country’s entire population and economy to produce the soldiers, food supplies, ammunitions and money necessary to win the war. The war came in the midst of the Progressive Era, when efficiency and expertise were highly valued.

Which country is responsible for ww1?


How did Texans on the homefront help with the war effort?

Civilians on the home front played a huge part in attaining victory; scrap metal drives, war bond campaigns and rationing all contributed to the war effort. Manufacturing increased fourfold, the permanent population increased, and the urbanization and modernization of Texas were well underway.

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