What evil things does the Joker do?

What evil things does the Joker do?

The Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done

  • He killed James Gordon’s wife.
  • He paralyzed Barbara Gordon.
  • He tried to copyright fish.
  • He’s the world’s worst boss.
  • He ate China.
  • Having friends for dinner.
  • He beat Jason Todd to death.
  • He tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane.

What crimes has the Joker done?

Joker in this animated series was a psychopathic clown who committed many crimes such as attempting to murder the Mayor, robberies and even using his deadly laughing gas to force his victims laugh to death and die with a Joker like smile.

Is the Joker the greatest villain of all time?

The Joker is the most popular villain because he was not inherently bad to begin with; circumstances made him into a monster. The audience often sympathizes with him. Joker’s uncontrollable laughter is due to the Pseudobulbar affect.

Which Joker committed the most crimes?

With over 30 counts of first-degree murder, five counts of attempted murder, armed robbery, and an additional 16 other serious crimes committed, it is Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight that racks up the longest prison sentence.

What has bane done?

Batman: The 10 Worst Things Bane Has Ever Done, Ranked

  1. 1 Kill Alfred.
  2. 2 Break Batman.
  3. 3 Make Batman Happy.
  4. 4 Take Over Gotham (More Than Once)
  5. 5 Become Batman.
  6. 6 Have Nightwing Shot.
  7. 7 Nearly Kill the Robins.
  8. 8 Release the Inmates of Arkham.

Does Joker become good?

Joker is also cured of his insanity in this story, which makes him a good man who actually becomes a council member in Gotham City. No longer a villain, Joker is now a person who wants to stop the corruption in the city — think Harvey Dent before he became Two-Face in The Dark Knight.

How long is Joker in jail for?

Totalling over 2,445 years in the US, and 574 years in the UK, Heath Ledger’s Joker is officially the worst criminal incarnation of the Joker in the film franchise’s history. Cesar Romero’s portrayal of the Joker in the 1966 Batman feature film would receive the shortest prison sentence at just 314 years.

What was the first crime the Joker committed?

In 1940’s Batman #1, by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, the Joker made his mark on Batman during his first public killing. Over the radio, the crafty clown announced that Henry Claridge would be killed at midnight that night.

Is Joker the most feared villain?

like his counterpart, the Batman, the Joker has no super power or special ability but unlike the Batman he has no cause to do what he does. The Clown Prince of Crime creates mayhem for the sake of chaos, and this makes him actually the most dangerous villain.

Is the Joker a crime lord?

2 The Joker The second most powerful crime boss is powerful not just for his money and empire he has carved out for himself, but for his particular brand of villainy as well. It is his madness that has secured himself as the top crime boss and villain of Gotham City: The Joker.

What are the 15 worst things the Joker has ever done?

15 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done 1. Made Batman Laugh By Telling a Joke. The very thought of Batman and the Joker sharing a laugh together is… 2. Murdering Jason Todd By Explosion. The Joker has been responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman’s life and the… 3. Forcing James Gordon To

Is the Joker doing something right or wrong?

Clearly, the character is doing something right… or terribly and intriguingly wrong. Most of the time, the Joker is obsessed with doing anything he can to ruin Batman’s life, dominating the world, and ridding Gotham of any good guy who tries to stop him.

Is the Joker actually a good villain?

The Joker has been undeniably successful in the world of thematic villainy, and pretty much anything he’s done since about 1995 has been more like murderously gilding an increasingly deadly lily.

How did the Joker kill so many people in Lovers&Madmen?

The Joker has killed people by various means and each of them is deadlier than the previous one. In Lovers & Madmen, the mass-murdering psychopath added another milestone to his killing spree by using a blimp to kill many people of Gotham. The blimp exploded and released poisonous gas and shards of glass on the bystanders.

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