What does the word scrutinize mean?

What does the word scrutinize mean?

scrutinize, scan, inspect, examine mean to look at or over. scrutinize stresses close attention to minute detail. scrutinized the hospital bill scan implies a surveying from point to point often suggesting a cursory overall observation.

What are examples of scrutinize?

To scrutinize is to look at something very closely or very carefully. An example of scrutinize is when you study a painting on the wall to pick up every tiny detail. To examine something with great care. To scrutinize the conduct or motives of individuals.

What is another name for scrutinizing?

Some common synonyms of scrutinize are examine, inspect, and scan.

What overpowering means?

1 : to overcome by superior force : subdue. 2 : to affect with overwhelming intensity the stench overpowered us. 3 : to provide with more power than is needed or desirable a dangerously overpowered car.

Can you scrutinize a person?

scrutinize | Intermediate English to examine someone or something very carefully: All new products are scrutinized by the laboratory.

Why do we need to scrutinize?

If you want to examine something closely and go over every single detail, then you should scrutinize it. Like the way your mom probably assesses your outfit before you leave the house for school. Scrutinizing is very different from glancing or gazing.

Is despondently a word?

Meaning of despondently in English in a way that shows that you are unhappy, with no hope or enthusiasm: “It’s hopeless,” he said, shaking his head despondently. She sat despondently, saying little.

What’s a synonym for overpower?

Opposite of to defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength. build. encourage. fail. forfeit.

Which word is similar meaning to overpowering ‘?

1 vanquish, subjugate, conquer, defeat, beat.

What does scrutinize mean?

Scrutinize retained reference to voting, with the meaning “to examine votes,” at least into the 18th century. (But even today in Britain, a scrutineer is a person who counts votes.) I closely scrutinized my opponent’s every move. Her performance was carefully scrutinized by her employer.

Why is Congress scrutinizing arms export policy?

United States Congress scrutinizes U.S. arms export policy amid Ukraine invasion By Mike Stone 2 minute read The U.S. Capitol building is pictured in Washington, U.S., January 26, 2022. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register

How will Wisconsin voters be scrutinized in 2022?

— Matt Egan, CNN, 11 Jan. 2022 Over the next 11 months, pollsters will scrutinize the candidate preferences of Wisconsin voters. — Susan Webb Yackee, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9 Jan. 2022 The authors also scrutinize museums that deal with the thieves who steal their art.

Will regulators scrutinize Trump’s SPAC deal?

Her performance was carefully scrutinized by her employer. Recent Examples on the Web That’s why legal experts tell CNN that securities regulators are likely to heavily scrutinize Trump’s SPAC, slowing down or even derailing the deal altogether.

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