What does the piano in two kinds symbolize?

What does the piano in two kinds symbolize?

In “Two Kinds,” the piano represents a type of trophy. Jing-mei’s mother has a desire to make her daughter into something she is not. Also, the piano represents the struggle between a mother and daughter. Jing-Mei does not desire to play the piano.14. jul 2011.

What does America represent to the mother?

For Jing-Mei’s mother, Suyuan, America first represents the opportunity to escape her personal traumas and start a new life. Remember that her mother came to America after suffering a number of tragedies, including the death of her parents and losing her twin daughters.

What is the purpose of Everyday Use by Alice Walker?

But Walker’s main purpose in the story seems to be to challenge the Black Power movement, and black people in general, to acknowledge and respect their American heritage. The history of Africans in America is filled with stories of pain, injustice, and humiliation.

What does the end of two kinds mean?

13,727 answers. | Certified Educator. The ending of the story suggests that both of these pieces of music are symbolically related to our lives and the process of growing up, with the titles being very significant in terms of how we develop and teh various stages of relationships that we have with our parents.

What does Jing-Mei promise herself?

In this moment, in her wildness, she sees “what seemed to be the prodigy” inside herself; she is “angry, powerful,” and she begins to become more willful. She promises herself, “I won’t be what I’m not.” From then on, she pretends to be… (The entire section contains 3 answers and 625 words.)

What happens to the piano at the end of the story two kinds?

At the end of “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, the piano becomes a very special and symbolic gift. The piano sits unused at Suyuan’s house for many years. On Jing Mei’s thirtieth birthday, her mother offers the piano to her as a gift.

Why does the mother decide to pay for her daughter’s piano lessons?

How does the mother arrange for her daughter to take piano lessons? She traded housecleaning services for weekly piano lessons from Mr. Chong. They are different because the mother wants her daughter to be perfect and the daughter wants to be herself.

How did Alice Walker’s personal life influence everyday use?

Alice Walker draws on her own life experiences in “Everyday Use”by pulling experiences from her childhood as a daughter of a sharecropper in 1940s Georgia. Like Maggie and Dee’s mother, Alice’s mother was a practical, loving, and hardworking woman.

Why did Jing-Mei’s mother actually leave the babies?

Why did Jing-mei’s mother actually leave the babies? She left the babies because she thought she was going to die and didn’t want them to die with her. The babies were found by an old peasant woman.

Why does Jing-Mei refuse to take the piano lessons?

Why does Jing-mei refuse to take the piano lessons in the scene above? Jing-mei is certain, based on past experiences with her mother’s prodigy ideas, that she is going to fail at playing the piano. She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother and herself again, and she feels like her mother is expecting too much of her.

What is the main conflict in two kinds?

The main conflict in the story Two Kinds was the struggle between what the daughter wanted and what her mother wanted for her, based on the background and cultural differences between the two. The mother was an Asian immigrant who aspired to live the American dream through her Asian American daughter.

How does Jing-Mei win the disagreement over the piano lessons?

Jing-mei “wins” the disagreement over the piano lessons because she shocks her mother by mentioning the dead twin babies. After being pushed by her mother to become a prodigy, she showss a rebellious attitude toward her mother.2. jun 2016.

What does the mother’s gift of the piano reveal about her character at the end of the story?

In Amy Tan’s story “Two Kinds” the mother gives a piano as a gift at the end. This action reveals about her character that she was a mother who apparently pushes her daughter to be successful.27. sep 2016.

What lessons does the narrator learn from her mother?

From her mother she learned that Mr. Dorling was an old acquaintance who had recently renewed their friendship. According to her mother Mrs. Dorling was carrying all their valuable goods to her house, so that, as Jews, even if they had to run in the course of war, their properties will be safe in Mrs.20. jul 2016.

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