What does the hidden message in Sonic CD say?

What does the hidden message in Sonic CD say?

You’ll end up with the secret sound test screen. Then from here, you’ll have to tweak the three numbers you see on the screen so it says the following: FM No. 46, PCM No. 12, and DA No.

How do you get past the Sonic CD?

Sonic the Hedgehog CD In gameplay, running past a Time Warp sign makes its signpost flip once while a voice states its particular name at the same time. Afterwards, the player must build enough momentum while the signpost’s HUD symbol flashes.

How do you cheat on Sonic?

To use cheats such as alternate modes, And Knuckles and Debug, you must go into Mania Mode and hover over the ‘No Save’ icon on the right. Next, press Triangle (or Y on Xbox, or X on Switch) to activate these options.

How old is Amy Rose?

Amy Rose
Age 8 (Classic) (12 Modern)
Birthday September 22, 1985
Sex Female
Species Mobian/Hedgehog

How do you get infinite is fun screen?

Fun is Infinite is a stage based on the creepy secret message from the Sega CD game, Sonic CD. The message is presumably intended to be shown to those who pirated the game, but it can be accessed manually via inputting the code “FM46, PCM12, DA25” into the sound test.

What is Little Planet in Sonic CD?

Little Planet in the good future, from Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Little Planet is a small planet with an ecosystem that closely resembles that on earth. It is mostly blue in color due to those parts being covered in water. On the other hand, landmasses are depicted with greenish or brownish colors.

Who is Sonic’s ex girlfriend?

Tabitha the Cat is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and is also Sonic’s ex-girlfriend….Lara-Le.

Lara-Le of the House of Arian
Gender Female

What is the Majin Sonic?

Majin Sonic is a disturbing easter egg in Sonic CD. To open it, the player must go to the sound test and enter these numbers: 46, 12, 25. It shows a bizarre screen with rows of multiple Sonics with disturbing, human-like faces wagging their fingers.

How do you enter fallowing codes on Sonic CD?

Sonic CD – Level Select, Sound Test, Sonic Team’s Best Times At the Title Screen when it says “START GAME” enter the fallowing codes. You MUST Tap, as in the D-pad can Not be held down for more then 1 MilliSecond, for each button press. You will Automaticly be sent to the fallowing screen for the code you entered.

How do I unlock new modes on Sonic CD?

By achieving low times in Time Attack mode on Sonic CD, you can unlock new modes. Visual mode and Play Music will both appear on the Sonic CD main menu. Time Attack in Special Stages appears in Time Attack mode.

How do you play Sonic Chaos with 2 players?

On the Sonic Chaos demo to play the full version without beating the game or losing all of your lives, Insert a second controller into slot two and press start. The clock will reset, and a second screen wil appear with the full version on it! (Note: The second player’s screen will not have sound) Contributed By: unrealperson.

How do you use Sonic in debug mode?

Push any button and you shall go back to the main menu screen. Start any game and you will be in debug mode. Hit the B Button and Sonic will transform into any object/enemy you want to place on the zone.


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