What does Monash hospital Specialise in?

What does Monash hospital Specialise in?

Monash Medical Centre is a 640-bed teaching and research hospital of international standing providing a comprehensive range of specialist surgical, medical, allied health and mental health services to our community.

Who owns Monash hospital?

Monash Health
It provides specialist tertiary-level healthcare to the Melbourne’s south-east. Monash Medical Centre is part of Monash Health, the largest public health service in Victoria.

Which hospitals are under Monash Health?

Our hospitals and locations

  • Monash Medical Centre. Phone. (03) 9594 6666. Address. 246 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3168.
  • Casey Hospital. Phone. (03) 8768 1200. Address. 62-70 Kangan Drive,
  • Dandenong Hospital. Phone. (03) 9554 1000. Address. 135 David Street,
  • Monash Children’s Hospital. Phone. (03) 8572 3000. Address. 246 Clayton Road,

Is Monash hospital Public or private?

Monash Medical Centre Clayton is one of Melbourne’s major acute public hospitals and provides services to the people living in the southeast of Melbourne.

What is Monash Health famous for?

Monash Health is Victoria’s largest public health service. We provide safe, high-quality care to one-quarter of Melbourne’s population, across the entire lifespan, from pre-birth to end-of-life.

How many beds does Monash hospital have?

640Monash Medical Centre / Number of beds

How many Monash hospitals are there?

More than 18,000 employees work at our 40+ care locations across south-east Melbourne, including seven hospitals and an extensive network of rehabilitation, aged care, community health and mental health facilities.

What is Monash Health known for?

Is Frankston hospital part of Monash Health?

It is the largest provider of general and speciality health care for Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, and is the region’s chief provider of acute secondary and tertiary medical and surgical services….

Frankston Hospital
Affiliated university Monash University, Deakin University
Emergency department Yes
Beds 454

Is Monash Health good?

Monash Health has ranked in the top 50 of Newsweek’s World’s Best Specialised Hospitals 2021 list.

What are Monash Health values?

We value honesty, openness and taking responsibility for our performance. We aim for and recognise innovation, quality, and professionalism. When you join Monash Health, you become part of a team that is committed to the pursuit of excellence in our care, teaching and research.

When was Monash hospital built?

The hospital opened in 1896 and was founded by the first female medical graduates in Australia.

Where is the Monash Medical Centre located?

Monash Medical Centre, 246 Clayton Rd, Clayton, in the Special Medicine Building. Disabled parking is available next to the clinic if you have a disabled sticker.

What do I need to know before visiting Monash Medical Centre?

What you need to know before visiting Monash Medical Centre, including visiting hours, guidelines and wayfinding. Information about being a patient at Monash Medical Centre including what to bring and ward information. Includes cafe and gift shop hours, and information about Monash Medical Centre’s chapel and prayer rooms.

What is the genetics clinic at Monash hospital?

The Genetics Clinic at Monash Hospital, as part of Monash Health, assists with the diagnosis, management, counselling and support of children and adults with a wide range of genetic disorders and also includes prenatal diagnosis for various genetic conditions.

What is the Monash Health Familial Cancer Centre?

Please note: Monash Health also has another genetics department, the Familial Cancer Centre (FCC), which focuses on the diagnosis and counselling of inherited cancer syndromes. Referrals to the FCC should be made separately.


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