What does it mean if UCLA asks for supplemental information?

What does it mean if UCLA asks for supplemental information?

Up to 6% of all applicants to the University of California receive a Supplemental Questionnaire Often referred to as Supplemental or Augmented Review, it is a request for additional information sent to you from a specific campus in January.

Do UC schools require supplemental essays?

If you selected one of the following as your FIRST CHOICE MAJOR for freshman or transfer admission, you are required to submit a supplemental application. NOT submitting a supplemental application will result in an automatic rejection.

Does UCLA care about essays?

The essays are important, but only after they filter out a lot of applicants, primarily based on their class standing. UC Berkeley and UCLA are much more interested in valedictorians from all over the state than in high-SAT kids.

Are all Stanford students smart?

1) Yes they are. Stanford students are on average smarter than students at other non-elite colleges. Sorry, but there is elitism when it comes to education, and the elite (the super smart and talented) students get to go to those elite schools…

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