What does ERF stand for in trucks?

What does ERF stand for in trucks?

Edwin Richard Foden
Website. www.erf.com. ERF was a British truck manufacturer established in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden, from whose initials the company was named. Its factory in Middlewich closed in March 2002, and it was discontinued as a marque by owner MAN in July 2007.

Is ERF a good truck?

It’s a pity the marque was discontinued, because E.R.F trucks were widely known for their excellent durability and reliability in trucking circles. And this was well before the buyout by MAN, who moved truck production to their factory in Munich, Germany. So yes – E.R.F trucks are reliable.

When was the last ERF truck built?

ERF was a British truck manufacturer. Established in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden, its factory in Sandbach, Cheshire was closed in 2002, and finished as a brand by owner MAN AG in 2007….ERF.

Fate Taken over/Closed (brand still used)
Successor MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd
Founded 1933
Founder(s) Edwin Richard Foden
Defunct 2007

What did AEC stand for?

Associated Equipment Company
British Leyland (1968-1979) Associated Equipment Company (AEC) was a British vehicle manufacturer that built buses, motorcoaches and trucks from 1912 until 1979. The name Associated Equipment Company was hardly ever used; instead it traded under the AEC and ACLO brands.

Are Foden and ERF the same?

Edwin Richard Foden was persuaded to come out of retirement and head the new company, which became known as ERF.

Who made ERF trucks?

Dennis Foden
ERF was started in 1933 by Dennis Foden, the son of Edwin Richard Foden (Foden Trucks) who had recently left Foden Ltd. Britain was suffering a recession in the early 1930s and times were tough.

Who owned Foden?

Foden Trucks

Industry Automotive
Headquarters Sandbach , England
Products Trucks
Parent Paccar
Website www.foden.com

What happened to AEC trucks?

Leyland takeover The AEC name actually disappeared from commercial vehicles in 1977, but the Leyland Marathon was built at the Southall plant until British Leyland closed it in 1979. In 1979, the production of Leyland (AEC) vehicles was transferred to remaining Leyland Truck and Bus plants.

Do Leyland still make trucks?

After DAF NV was placed in administration, in June 1993, Leyland DAF was purchased in a management buyout and rebranded Leyland Trucks. It has been a subsidiary of Paccar since April 1998….Leyland Trucks.

Type Subsidiary
Number of employees 1,100 (2019)
Parent Paccar
Website leylandtrucksltd.co.uk

What engines did Foden use?

The final Foden steam vehicle was made in 1934. This F1 lorry had a similar chassis to the last steam wagons, but Foden married a Gardner 5L2 five-cylinder diesel engine to it.

What happened to Foden lorries?

Marque retirement The last Foden was produced in July 2006, putting an end to 150 years of Foden truck manufacturing. The final vehicle to roll off the production line at the factory in Leyland was an 8×4 rigid, which was delivered to the nearby British Commercial Vehicle Museum.

What happened to Foden trucks?

Foden Trucks was a British truck and bus manufacturing company, which had its origins in Elworth near Sandbach in 1856. Paccar acquired the company in 1980, and ceased to use the marque name in 2006.

Where can I find an example of an ERF truck?

Examples of ERF’s early trucks can be found a several truck shows and at Commercial vehicle gatherings and at the steam and tractor rallies which incorporate a commercial vehicle section.

What was the first year of the ERF KV?

The KV with a modern oval grill and curved split screen was introduced in 1954, with the first prototype being built in 1952, with production ending in 1972. { {Main|ERF LV range The LV was introduced in 1962, fitted with fail safe spring brakes, (a first for a British manufacturer).

What kind of engine does an ERF B series have?

Main article: ERF B series The B series was introduced in 1974 with a SP (steel/plastic)cab. It was offered with Gardner, Cummins and Rolls Royce power units. Normally with a 9 speed Fuller transmission, ZF and David Browns were also used.

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