What does Charlie do after Algernon dies?

What does Charlie do after Algernon dies?

Charlie senses that he is becoming absentminded, the first hint of the onset of his decline. Algernon soon dies, and Charlie buries him in the backyard, putting flowers on the grave.

What does Charlie claim are his best friends when his intelligence is at his highest?

Q. What does Charlie claim are his “best friends” when his intelligence is at his highest? He will lose his intelligence at the same rate he gained it. He will gain intelligence at an intense rate of time.

What does Charlie do with Algernon?

Charlie wreaks havoc at the convention by freeing Algernon from his cage while they are onstage. Charlie flees back to New York with Algernon and gets his own apartment, where the scientists cannot find him.

What does Charlie realize about gimpy Why is he so angry?

Charlie realizes that Gimpy is stealing from their benevolent boss but does not want to get Gimpy fired. When Charlie asks Professor Nemur for advice, the professor tells him that it is none of his business and that he should not get involved—Dr.

Why do Charlie’s fellow workers want him fired?

Why do Charlie’s co-workers want him fired? Charlie’s co-workers want him fired because they are scared when he becomes smart after being dumb for so long. How does Charlie learn the effects of his operation are not permanent? Charlie learns his operation is not permanent because he sees the changes in Algernon.

Why does Charlie want so badly to be smart?

List two new reasons Charlie wants to be smart. He wants to learn where babies come from, and he wants to talk about politics with Joe, Frank, and Gimpy. Describe the change in Charlie’s attitude. He is becoming impatient with his progress, the tests, and his inability to beat Algernon.

What is the first sign that Charlie is getting smarter?

What were the signs Charlie Gordon was getting smarter? He improved in spelling, reading and punctuation shortly after surgery.

What do Algernon’s new symptoms foreshadow?

Explanation: The whole point of the Algernon story is that when he gets worse, it foreshadows the fact that Charlie will get worse.

What gift did Fay bring for Algernon?

What gift did Fay bring for Algernon, and why? What happened to this gift? A female mouse that they named Minnie, to keep Algernon from being lonely.

Why would the doctors ask Charlie not to come back to the lab anymore?

Why have the doctors asked Charlie not to come to the lab anymore? They don’t want him to see what is happening to Algernon because more than likely it could happen to Charlie. They don’t want to see Charlie anymore because he is smarter than they are.

What is the main theme of Flowers for Algernon?

The central theme in Flowers for Algernon is Man Playing God. The basic structural layout of the novel supports this theme.

Why did miss Kinnian cry when Charlie went to her class?

Why did Miss Kinnian cry when Charlie went to her class? Kinnian sees Charlie in the back of the classroom, shocked because he wasn’t smart anymore. She felt so sorry for him that she started to cry, and also he forgot completely about their relationship.

Why does Charlie not reveal himself to his father?

Charlie is unable to bring himself to reveal his identity to Matt because he knows that he is no longer the Charlie Matt once knew. Just as the bakery workers are not proud of Charlie’s new intellect, Charlie fears that Matt will have no reason to feel anything but threatened by his genius son.

Does Miss Kinnian love Charlie?

At one point in the story when Charlie has become very intelligent there is somewhat of a “love” connection between Charlie and Miss Kinnian. Miss Kinnian is driven by emotion and has Charlie’s best interests at heart. She cares about him deeply. She treats Charlie with a great deal of respect and understanding.

Why is Charlie’s deterioration so rapid?

The slow Charlie wants his life back the way it was before the operation. The new Charlie refuses to give up his intelligence without a struggle. The greater the increase is intelligence, the more rapid the decline.

What is the first sign that something is wrong with Algernon?

What is the first sign that something is wrong with Algernon? He is sleeping more and more. He bites Charlie.

How is Charlie getting smarter?

He achieves his dream briefly to become smart by subjecting himself to an experiment through the psychology department. The department had previously experimented on mouse named Algernon and were successful. Charlie also gets to experience success when his intelligence increases.

Why is Algernon’s behavior a bad sign for Charlie?

Charlie dissects the mouse and sees that the mouse’s brain reflects a loss of intelligence. The significance, then, of Algernon’s behavior is that it causes Charlie to realize that his intelligence is also temporary. He realizes that he will regress, too, and will lose all the mental faculties he has enjoyed.

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