What does apparently not mean?

What does apparently not mean?

2 usually prenominal seeming, as opposed to real. his apparent innocence belied his complicity in the crime. 3 (Physics) as observed but ignoring such factors as the motion of the observer, changes in the environment, etc.

What is the actual meaning of apparently?

Definition of apparently : it seems apparent —used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known an apparently happy marriageThe window had apparently been forced open. Apparently, we’re supposed to wait here.

What is a word for not meaning to do something?

careless. reckless. unintended. unintentional.

When should you use apparently?

You use apparently to indicate that the information you are giving is something that you have heard, but you are not certain that it is true. Apparently the girls are not at all amused by the whole business. You use apparently to refer to something that seems to be true, although you are not sure whether it is or not.

Is it rude to say apparently?

Why it doesn’t work: Unless you work in law enforcement, words such as “apparently,” “allegedly” and “evidently” can sound like you are contradicting or questioning someone’s judgment or portrayal of events.

What is the opposite of apparently?

Opposite of in all likelihood. improbably. implausibly. dubiously. inconceivably.

Is apparently a negative word?

It can be used sarcastically, in which case the literal statement is in contravention of fact. Example: “Apparently no one is going to offer me a drink tonight.” [Said petulantly, waiting to be offered a drink.] Absent that, though, no negativity attaches to the word unless further explanation is offered.

What does it mean to not want something?

If someone is unwilling to do something, you can say formally that the person is loath to do it. I was loath to spend all the money at once. The verb balk can be used when someone is unwilling to do something or unwilling for something to happen.

What is the synonym of apparently?

apparently. clearly. evidently. on the face of it. ostensibly.

What is the synonyms of apparently?

In this page you can discover 79 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for apparently, like: obviously, clearly, evidently, seemingly, palpably, ostensibly, most likely, plain, unlikely, unmistakably and sadly.

What’s the other word for apparently?

What is another word for apparently?

seemingly ostensibly
evidently allegedly
outwardly supposedly
ostensively presumably
putatively it appears

What does the name apparently mean?

First, the word means that something seems to be in a particular way, based on evidence. “It was apparently later than I thought, since the Sun was already high in the sky.”

What does the word apparently mean?

apparently adverb. Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently. apparently adverb. Seemingly; in appearance only. A man may be apparently friendly, yet malicious in heart. apparently adverb. According to what the speaker has read or been told. Apparently you are quite a good dancer.

What does apparently mean definition?

Define apparently. apparently synonyms, apparently pronunciation, apparently translation, English dictionary definition of apparently. adj. 1. Readily seen; visible: The animal’s markings were immediately apparent.

What is another word for apparently?

What is another word for most apparently? Contexts Superlative for as far as one knows or can see Superlative for obviously Superlative for in a superficial manner Adverb Superlative for as far as one knows or can see most seemingly most evidently most ostensively most presumably most putatively most reputedly most speciously most intuitively

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