What does an ABS shuttle valve do?

What does an ABS shuttle valve do?

The signal from the shuttle valve is used by the ABS ECU to detect the correct operation of the brake master cylinder and the integrity of the braking circuit.

What are the 3 Amigos Land Rover?

The “Three Amigos” is a short description for a symptom of driving along and all of a sudden the ABS will activate and three dash warning lights come on; Hill Decent Control, Electronic Traction Control, and Anti-Lock Braking System (HDC/ETC/ABS).

What is a Nanocom?

THE NANOCOM EVOLUTION Welcome to the New Nanocom web site. This is the home of the famous diagnostic system for Land Rover vehicles, which is well renowned in the Land Rover community for offering the greatest capability and functionality at the lowest possible cost.

What causes the Three Amigos Land Rover Discovery?

Squealing brakes will trigger the 3 amigos.

What can you do with a Nanocom?

We have used the Nanocom as a diagnostics tool, to check for faults and fault codes which will detail system failures which will need repair. After the repair of any faults, we are then able to clear the fault codes. We have also used the tool to measure turbo boost and particularly coolant temperature.

What is Nanocom for Land Rover?

Custom Remap for the TDV6 – EMS Flash File [NANOCOM] A custom VBF Remap file that can be programmed into the engine management using our diagnostic server based systems applicable to Discovery 3 / LR3 or Pre 2010 Range Rover Sport with a TDV6 Diesel Engine.

How do I exit Nanocom?

-c, –exit-char The exit character where the Ctrl key and this character are used to exit the client.

Can Hawkeye program keys?

Yes, but you should look what type of vehicle, as some models require keys to be ordered by chassis number. DISCOVERY 1, FREELANDER and DEFENDER vehicles with 2 button blips {10 as} can be programmed. The DISCOVERY 2 vehicle can also be programmed if you have the bar codes that come with every key you want to code in.

How do I set up Nanocom?

power socket on the side of the unit.

  1. STEP 1: Obtaining your Nanocom ID and order number. You can locate the Nanocom ID by powering the Nanocom using one of the three methods detailed above.
  2. STEP 2: Register your Nanocom.
  3. STEP 3: Obtaining your Unlock Codes (license codes)
  4. STEP 4: Storing your unlock codes.

Where can I find my Nanocom ID?

Connection via the supplied OBD lead to the OBD socket in the vehicle. power socket on the side of the unit. This screen shows you the Nanocom unique 6-digit ID. Please be aware as it is case sensitive and must be written exactly as it is shown on the screen.

Where is the shuttle valve switch located?

Somebody’s got to live here. The Shuttle Valve Switch plate is located on the underside of the ABS modulator unit and is quite easy to replace without removing any of the brake lines, although care must be taken not to strain any of the lines. There are some clips which hold the pipes secure below the modulator and some on the bulkhead too.

Why is my shuttle valve or ABS sensor intermittent?

NOTE: Wiring faults may be intermittent due to hidden breaks and poor connections. Also, before completing this check, start by looking for common faults with your shuttle valve or ABS sensor. See this Tech Tip for more information. When checking for wiring faults, always try to provoke intermittent faults by flexing wires while checking.

How do I install the shuttle valve switch pack?

Install the new shuttle valve switch pack from the service kit as follows: Connect the electrical connector. Carefully push the cover into the modulator. Install the three cap-head screws from the service kit and tighten to 4Nm (3lbf-ft). 6.

Where can I find other Land Rover owners?

LandyZone is the biggest Land Rover forum on the net. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your Land Rover or just want to connect with other Landy owners, you’re in the right place.

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