What does AIK stand for Sweden?

What does AIK stand for Sweden?

Allmänna Idrottsklubben
Current season. AIK Fotboll (LSE: 0DI2), more commonly known simply as AIK (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɑ̂ːiːˌkoː]), an abbreviation for Allmänna Idrottsklubben (meaning the public or general sports club), is a Swedish football club competing in Allsvenskan, the top flight of Swedish football.

What league is AIK in?

Svenska CupenUEFA Europa League
AIK Fotboll/Leagues

What football team plays in Stockholm?

The three most prominent Stockholm clubs are AIK (Allmäna Idrottsklubben, nicknamed “Gnaget”), DIF (Djurgårdens Idrottsförening, or simply “Djurgården”) and HIF (Hammarby Idrottsförening, commonly referred to as ”Bajen”), represented by both women’s –and men’s teams.

Where is AIK FC?

Soccer, Sweden: AIK live scores, results, fixtures.

How do you pronounce AIK?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Aik. aa-IHHHK. aik.
  2. Meanings for Aik. A popular surname that is originated in Scotland.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Degerfors – AIK head to head game preview and prediction. Meja singles out key influences after completing AIK switch.
  4. Translations of Aik. Russian : АИК

How many football clubs are there in Stockholm?

39 teams
Stockholm has several of Sweden’s leading football clubs, and the city is home to 39 teams in the national league system and more than 100 amateur leagues regulated by the Stockholm Football Association.

What football teams play in Oslo?


  • Hasle-Løren IL.
  • IL Heming.
  • Holmlia SK.
  • Høybråten og Stovner IL.

Which country is AIK?


Competition Area Total
Superettan Sweden 1
Svenska Cupen Sweden 8
Super Cup Sweden 1
Total 23

How many games are in the Swedish league?

30 games
Competition format During the course of a season (starting in late March and ending in early November) each club plays the others twice (home and away) for a total of 30 games.

What is the biggest club in Sweden?

AIK and Hammarby are arguably the two football clubs with the biggest support in Sweden.

How many football clubs are in Sweden?

32 clubs
The Swedish Professional Football Leagues is an organisation founded in 1928 and it represents the 32 clubs in the top two divisions of the Swedish Football League System, with the aim to promote social inclusion and equality.

Is the capital of Norway?

OsloNorway / Capital

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