What does a noisy gimbal bearing sound like?

What does a noisy gimbal bearing sound like?

Your gimbal bearing will make the most noise when turning the boat. Will be a low pitched growl. Noise will usually subside some after several shots of grease to the gimbal zerk on the starboard side of the transom housing. A bad gimbal bearing will make noise anytime engine is running.

What does a bad gimbal bearing cause?

As the bearing starts to go bad it will only make noise when the drive is being turned real tight, but eventually it will happen any time the drive shaft is not straight. The noise is going to be more of a rumbling sound as the bearing slowing begins disintegrating.

How often should you grease a gimbal bearing on a boat?

Changing the oil every year is the right thing to do as well as greasing the prop shaft. One item you are missing is the removal of the lower unit and greasing the u-joints. The grease fitting on the side is to grease the gimbal bearing.

What does a gimbal bearing on a boat do?

Gimbal bearings are specialty ball bearings/races. One of their main marine uses is in boat engine drive shafts where the bearings maintain alignment using gimbal technology. A gimbal bearing and a driveshaft arrangement is shown below.

How do I know if my exhaust bellows are bad?

There is a very easy way to figure out if there is something that is wrong with your bellows – if there is water in your cabin, then there is likely a crack somewhere in your boat (or perhaps a loose gasket or clamp). If there is a loud noise while driving, that might also be a sign of trouble.

How do you check a boat bellows?

How often should bellows be replaced?

every two years
Inspect the bellows annually and replace it every two years. Many, myself included, feel that if the drive is removed for inspection, you may as well just replace the bellows while you’re at it.

How many pumps are in a gimbal bearing?

There is no specific number of pumps when greasing a gimbal bearing (or any bearing for that matter). In the case of the gimbal, pump until you feel resistance. At the moment you feel resistance, STOP. That might be 1 pump, or 10.

Where is the grease fitting for the gimbal bearing?

The gimbal bearing grease fitting is on the outside of the gimbal housing. If looking at the rear of the boat, its on the right. It is close to the hull and somewhat set into the gimbal housing.

How often should you change boat bellows?

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