What do the symbols in Led Zeppelin mean?

What do the symbols in Led Zeppelin mean?

Robert Plant’s Symbol led♪zep Egyptian goddess of justice and fairness. It is also the emblem of a writer. Plant says the symbol he created was drawn from sacred symbols of the ancient Mu civilization, a fantastical place that supposedly existed until 14,000 years ago.

What is the angel on Led Zeppelin?

The original artwork is said to be a depiction of Apollo, the Olympian god of the sun and light, though others have considered it to be a depiction of Lucifer, or in Led Zeppelin’s case, Icarus.

What does Zoso symbol mean?

The early Zoso symbol found in J. Cardan’s 1557 book. Other theories have suggested that the symbol is broken into two parts, with the “Z” representing the astrological sign of Capricorn and the “oSo” perhaps being Satanic in origin, standing for “666”.

What is Led Zeppelin Icarus?

Young Icarus flew too high while escaping Crete, causing his wings to melt and plucking him out of the sky. It’s the story of the rise and fall of a shooting star, though Led Zeppelin’s lasting legacy will keep them in the air forever.

What are the 4 Led Zeppelin symbols called?

The four symbols on the label and inside sleeve of Led Zeppelin IV, represent (from left to right) Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant.

What is the picture on Led Zeppelin 4?

Depicting the Hermit, an ancient figure used in Tarot, it is meant to represent “a seeker aspiring to the light of truth.” The record sleeve has a gorgeous Arts and Crafts style typography, spelling out the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven.” (Jimmy Page, the producer and guitarist, actually found a clipping of the …

Who designed Led Zeppelin’s logo?

The design for the logo consists of the band’s name “Led Zeppelin” in white lettering on a solid black background. The logo was designed in 1973 by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, originally intended to be used as part of the cover art for the album Houses of the Holy.

Why is Led Zeppelin named that?

The newly formed group finished the obligatory concert schedule of the Yardbirds, but then went on to record their first self-titled debut album under their new name, Led Zeppelin. The name came from a comment made by Keith Moon of The Who, who once said the band would go down like a lead balloon.

What does Jimmy Page’s symbol mean?

Where did the symbols come from? When Jimmy Page was asked what his symbol meant he said that the band members selected them from a “standard reference book” of sigils (a sigil is a symbol used in magic) and suggested that interested people should go and look them up in a “standard reference text”.

What was Kashmir written about?

As Plant explained Kashmir’s meaning to Cameron Crowe, it was about the road journey itself rather than a specific geographical location: “It was a single-track road which neatly cut through the desert.

What are Led Zeppelin colors?

The wordmark itself, as well as the Led Zeppelin IV logo, have a simple black-and-white color scheme, while album covers offer a diversity of colors.

How Led Zeppelin was formed?

Led Zeppelin formed as a ‘supergroup’ in 1968, set up by former Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page. They were originally going to be called The New Yardbirds until The Who’s drummer Keith Moon remarked they would go down like a “lead zeppelin”.

What is the occult symbol for Led Zeppelin?

The Occult Symbolism of Led Zeppelin. The final symbol, representing Jimmy Page is more difficult to decipher. It does not appear in Koch’s Book of Signs and is not well known outside its context relating to Jimmy Page. Page has used this symbol on his equipment and clothing as well as printed matter.

Are Led Zeppelin involved in Satanism?

Members of Led Zeppelin are deeply involved in Satanism and the occult. Guitarist Jimmy Page, so consumed with Satanism, actually purchased Satanist Aleister Crowley’s mansion. Most believe the symbol is from the teachings of Aleister Crowley and represents 666.

What is Led Zeppelin’s Icarus symbol?

The Led Zeppelin Icarus symbol was initially based upon a drawing done sometime around 1870 by the American painter William Rimmer, which the band saw and decided to adopt into their Swan Song Records logo.

Why is Led Zeppelin’s album called “Led Zeppelin 4”?

Led Zeppelin clearly considered this song to be of major importance as the lyrics are printed in full on the inner sleeve. Returning to the four symbols which give the album its name, Jimmy Page has stated that each symbol was chosen by each group member to represent themselves.

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