What colors did the 2006 GTO come in?

What colors did the 2006 GTO come in?

Exterior Colors:

  • Brazen Orange Metallic [Orange]
  • Cyclone Gray Metallic [Gray]
  • Impulse Blue Metallic [Blue]
  • Phantom Black Metallic [Black]
  • Quicksilver Metallic [Silver]
  • Spice Red Metallic [Orange]
  • Torrid Red [Red]

What color is the GTO?

What Colors Did The 1967 Pontiac Gto Come In? Montreux Blue Poly.

How many Barbados blue GTO were made?

2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Production Numbers

RPO (Regular Production Option) Description Total
24U Impulse Blue Metallic 1,443
47U Barbados Blue Metallic 573
59U Yellow Jacket 1,672
62U Torrid Red 3,099

Is the 2005 GTO rare?

2005 Pontiac GTO Is Rare 1-Of-30 Muscle Car.

How many brazen orange GTO were made?

This is the first Brazen Orange GTO we have seen in quite some time. 2006 is the only year Brazen Orange was offered and with only 1175 of them produced this is one rare goat! It only gets better from here, the interior is fininshed off with the orange gages, manual transmission and black leather.

What year GTO came with LS2?

In 2005, the 5.7-liter LS1 was replaced with the 6.0-liter LS2 in the GTO, giving it a 50 hp increase.

What colors did 65 GTO come in?

1965 Pontiac GTO Car Paint Colors

Code Name
N Burgundy Red Poly.
P Iris Mist Poly.
R Montero Red
T Capri Gold Poly.

What color was the 69 GTO Judge?

Initially Only Available In Carousel Red Although the color is called red, most would argue that the famous paint color is a deep orange. After the first thousand cars were made, the GTO was given more color options, but the original is still the most highly coveted.

What year was the last Pontiac GTO made?

Since the 2006 model marked the end of the GTO production, maybe you should just check out restored old Pontiac GTOs for your next car instead.

Is the 2006 GTO rare?

The 2004-06 Pontiac GTO is one of GM’s rarest sports cars of this millennium, and it’s definitely rising in stock as a modern classic.

What’s the rarest Pontiac GTO?

the convertible Judge
Since only 108 convertibles were made under the name in 1969, the convertible Judge is the rarest of the trim.

What year GTO is worth the most?

15: Most valuable Today, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is the most valuable car in the world. One sold privately in the past couple of years for a reported $70,000,000. The most valuable Pontiac GTO is the 1969 Judge convertible with the 370-hp Ram Air IV engine. A mere five were built, all with a four-speed transmission.

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