What battery is equivalent to an AG3?

What battery is equivalent to an AG3?

Equivalent Batteries Several companies use other names that may be interchanged with AG3 batteries. General common names: SG3, LR41, LR736, and SR736 are common compatible batteries. Brand names: Energizer and Duracell will use names of 192, 384, or 392.

Are AG3 and 312 batteries the same?

Answer: The AG3 battery is the same size as the 312 and it works fine.

What Rayovac battery is equivalent to LR44?

Rayovac LR44 Battery, Silver Oxide 303, 357, AG13, or SR44 1.5 Volt Batteries (3 Battery Count)

Is AG3 battery the same as LR41?

The LR41 battery can be interchanged with a range of batteries with different names. For example, the LR41 is an AG3 battery equivalent, and can also be used interchangeably with SR41, SR41SW, 392, 392A, 192, 384, 92A, G3, GP192, V36, V36A, V3GA, LR736 and CX42 cells.

Is LR44 same as AG3?

The LR44 battery and AG13 battery are exactly the same dimensions and are 100% interchangeable. They are known as many other names and are compatible with their silver oxide counterparts.

What batteries are compatible with 312?

NEXcell Hearing Aid Battery, Size 312 (300 pcs.)

Size 312 Information
Nominal Voltage Range: 1.4V-1.45V
Zinc Air mAh 160 mAh
Equivalents: PR41, 7002ZD, ZA312, p312, 312A
Common Brands: Toshiba, ZeniPower, PowerOne, Varta, Duracell, Energizer, Murata, HearClear, Renata, and Rayovac

What is the difference between BR and CR batteries?

CR type batteries are slightly less robust than the BR type when exposed to temperatures at the high end of the operating temperature range and can experience a rapid increase in self-discharge at the high end of its temperature rating.

Is LR44 same as LR44H?

Battery equivalent to: A76, LR44, AG-13, AG13, LR44H. They will work as replacement batteries.

Are AG3 batteries Lithium?

These LR batteries are made from high-quality Lithium cadmium materials, which are non-toxic and safe to use around children. These powerful batteries can be stored for long periods of time.

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