What are the names of all the Skylanders?

What are the names of all the Skylanders?

All Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Characters

  • Bash.
  • Boomer.
  • Camo.
  • Chop Chop.
  • Cynder.
  • Dino-Rang.
  • Double Trouble.
  • Drill Sergeant.

How many skylander characters are there?

Each Skylander wields a single element: Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Life, Light, Magic, Tech, Undead, and Water. So far, there are a total of 175 main Skylanders in the series.

Is Skylanders character list legit?

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Who is the strongest skylander?

If you are looking for the highest ranking characters in terms of stats, here are the top four:

  • Ignitor (max strength)
  • Stealth Elf (max agility)
  • Chop-Chop (max armor)
  • Trigger Happy (max luck)

Does Skylanders character list ship to Canada?

Where do you ship? At this time I only ship to the United States. However, I do have international customers. Many of these customers use a company called Stackry.

What are Legendary Skylanders?

Legendary Skylanders are stronger versions of regular Skylanders in the Skylanders series, though they have exactly the same upgrades and Heroic Challenges. They all commonly take on the color schemes of navy blue and gold, although the Legendary Senseis instead wear prestigious Legendary red and gold armor.

What are Skylanders and how do they work?

Skylanders, which was based on the Spyro the Dragon series from the 1990s, first came out in 2011 and quickly became a popular series. This popularity was fueled by the Skylanders figures, which are similar to the Nintendo Amiibo, and give players access to certain characters, items, and power ups in the Skylanders games.

What is the community content category for Skylanders?

This category page is for the characters who appear in Skylanders . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Are there any more Skylanders games in the series?

As of June 2021, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed. Skylanders: Imaginators was the sixth and final game in the Skylanders series, which had enjoyed about five years of popularity.

What Skylanders figures work with LG TVs?

Although Red Camo and Crystal Clear Whirlwind were made for the special edition of Skylanders Battlegrounds for the LG TVs, the figures work for any Skylanders games. Over the Summer of 2013, Skylanders released three very rare figures for the Skylanders: Giants game.

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