What are some good movie trivia questions?

What are some good movie trivia questions?

125 Movie Trivia Questions

  • Question: What are the dying words of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane?
  • Question: Who played Mrs.
  • Question: What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?
  • Question: In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue pill or the red pill?

What is the movie quiz?

Hosted by Mark The Quizmaster. The Movie Quiz is for teams of 1-4 players and involves questions about all kinds of film trivia. Whether it’s recent movie news, audio clips, movie montages, or visual puzzles, there’s something in there for movie fans of all ages, genres, and interests!

Who directed quiz questions?

Robert Redford
Awards and honors

Award Category Nominee
20/20 Award Best Picture Quiz Show
Best Director Robert Redford
Best Supporting Actor Paul Scofield
Best Adapted Screenplay Paul Attanasio

What are some Harry Potter trivia questions?

1) What house at Hogwarts does Harry belong to?

  • 2) What position does Harry play on his Quidditch team?
  • 3) How did Harry get the scar on his forehead?
  • 4) What does the Sorcerer’s Stone do?
  • 5) Who is Fluffy?
  • 6) What power do the dementors have over people?
  • 7) What does the Imperius Curse do?
  • Is there a movie trivia game?

    Movies Trivia Game Another easy to learn and play option is the Movies Trivia Games, which can be played by two to eight people. The game contains 1200 trivia questions with four categories on each card. The categories include comedy, cartoon, action, adventure, drama, horror movies, musicals, and sci-fi.

    What is the latest version of Trivial Pursuit?

    The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game adds a modern twist to the classic game you love. It will challenge you and fill your head with fascinating facts. Go ahead, impress your friends and have some laughs at the same time!

    Is Netflix a quiz?

    The series received positive reviews from critics. Quiz was released during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, resulting in it receiving a large audience (similar to the Netflix documentary Tiger King)….Quiz (TV series)

    Original release 13 April – 15 April 2020

    Is quiz movie a true story?

    Quiz is written by British playwright James Graham. The play centres around the true story of Charles Ingram (who later came to be known as “the Coughing Major”) and the coughing scandal that surrounded his 2001 win of £1,000,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and the subsequent court trial.

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