What are some examples of supporting material?

What are some examples of supporting material?

Essentially, there are seven types of supporting materials: examples, narratives, definitions, descriptions, historical and scientific fact, statistics, and testimony.

What are the three major types of supporting materials used in public speeches?

The three major kinds of supporting materials are , examples, statistics, and testimony.

What are five potential sources of supporting material for a speech?

Five sources of supporting material are personal knowledge and experience; the Internet; online databases, which can be accessed by library subscription via a networked computer; traditional library holdings, including books and reference resources; and interviews.

Why are supporting materials important for speeches?

Supporting material can be thought of as the specifics that make your ideas, arguments, assertions, points, or concepts real and concrete. Similarly, the points and arguments you are making in your speech may not hold up without the material to support what you are saying.

What is a supporting material?

Supporting materials are resources used to give your main points credibility. There are three basic categories, or types, of supporting materials. They are: Examples (brief, extended, and hypothetical) Statistics.

What supporting materials do you use in developing each main point?

There are several types of supporting material that you can pull from the sources you find during the research process to add to your speech. They include examples, explanations, statistics, analogies, testimony, and visual aids.

What is the function of supporting material?

Supporting materials serve a variety of functions in oral presentations: to clarify the speaker’s point, to emphasize the point, to make the point more interesting, and to furnish a basis that enables others to believe the speaker’s point.

How many types of supporting sentences are there?

What are Supporting Sentences? The supporting sentences of a paragraph develop the main idea you presented in the topic sentence. When writing supporting sentences you should be giving examples, reasons, or descriptions to support your topic sentence. – There are usually 2 – 4 supporting sentences in a paragraph.

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