What are plumbing snakes?

What are plumbing snakes?

Though the term broadly refers to any method of freeing a clogged drain of its built-up obstacle, plumbing snakes are generally listed, within industry circles, as a motorized method for clearing a blocked-up pipe.

What is a manual drain snake?

Manual drain snakes, or non-powered drain snakes, are more affordable hand-held options that make easy work of clearing clogs. They are designed to be handy and compact.

What is the best plumbing snake for clogs?

Plumbing snake – the Drainx Pro 50-FT. With its spiral head, you can certainly count on this drain snake to easily fish out frequent household clogs, such as hair and food debris. Even for its standard length, the Drainx Pro 50-FT.

How do you Snake a bend in a drain pipe?

Then, insert the snake into the drain, working carefully to hook the newly-bent cutter into the bend (this may take a few tries). Crank the drain snake while continuing to apply pressure, as this should continue to push the snake further through the bend.

How much does a plumber charge to snake a drain?

How much will it cost to have a plumber snake a drain? Depending on the clog and drain, it can cost between $150 and $400 to have a plumber snake your drain. How much is a plumbing snake rental cost? Your most basic plumbing snake will cost $50-75 a week, with the better devices costing around $130-200 a week.

How to use a plumbing snake to unclog a toilet?

Immediately follow this by flushing the drain with hot water and cleaning products to help wash it out.When using a plumbing snake to unclog a toilet, you will need to follow the steps above, but be aware of the U-bend in the drain, which may make it difficult to thread through. You need to put it in at the right angle initially for it to work.

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