What are Laila and Mariam burying at the start of Chapter 40?

What are Laila and Mariam burying at the start of Chapter 40?

Summary and Analysis Part 3: Chapter 40. Drought persists throughout Afghanistan, and Laila and Mariam dig a hole in their yard in an attempt to reach water. The Kabul River is dry, and farmers and villagers regularly abandon their homes to try to find a better life in the city.

What happens in Chapter 41 of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Chapter 41 demonstrates Mariam’s growing identity as mother to Laila, Aziza, and Zalmai through her relationship with them and her willingness to make sacrifices for them. Mariam’s relationship with Aziza is like that of a grandmother to a granddaughter.

What did Rasheed do after Laila punched him?

Laila says she won’t allow it, and when Rasheed slaps her, she punches him back. Rasheed walks out of the room calmly, and she feels a momentary triumph. But he soon returns, putting his hands around her throat and slamming her against the wall, and sticks the barrel of his gun into her mouth.

Who killed Rasheed?

Laila smashes a vase over Rasheed’s head and he turns back to her, pressing her to the floor with his hands wrapped around her throat. Realizing Rasheed has murder in mind, Mariam runs out to the tool-shed, grabs a shovel, and returns to whack Rasheed over the head with it.

What happens to Laila in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

At age 15, Laila falls in love with her best friend since childhood, Tariq, but war forces Tariq and his parents to flee to Pakistan. Days later, a rocket kills Laila’s parents and wounds her, and Rasheed and Mariam nurse her back to health.

How many miscarriages does Mariam have?

Mariam is 19 years old and has been married to Rasheed for four years, during which time she’s suffered six more miscarriages. The chapter opens with news that Mir Akbar Khyber, a noted communist, has been murdered.

What happens in Chapter 43 of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

While only two pages long, Chapter 43 provides a significant revelation about Rasheed’s character. When Mariam makes the connection between the man at the hotel and the man that visited Laila so many years ago with news of Tariq’s death, she discovers a new level of brutality in Rasheed.

What happens in Chapter 46 of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Through Mariam’s sacrifice and Laila’s acquiescence in Chapter 46, Hosseini suggests an ideal notion of motherhood: mothers always put their children ahead of all other matters. Mariam demonstrates her maternal nature in the aftermath of Rasheed’s death.

Why does Laila not go through with aborting Rasheed’s baby?

Why does Laila not go through with aborting Rasheed’s baby? Laila realizes that the baby she is carrying is not to blame for her hatred of Rasheed. She realizes that there is enough killing happening in the world and killing the baby would be unforgiveable in her own heart.

What does Laila do when she realizes she is pregnant again?

Laila also realizes that she’s pregnant again. One afternoon, Laila lies on the floor with a rusty bicycle spoke and considers giving herself an abortion. In the end she decides against it, realizing the child is innocent and that it’s Rasheed with whom she’s angry.

Why is Rasheed abusive?

Mariam needed someone to love and to love her back. Why does Rasheed become abusive? Rasheed becomes abuse because she can’t have children.

Is Laila pregnant with Tariq’s baby?

Laila tricks Rasheed into thinking that she is pregnant with his child, when in fact she’s pregnant with Tariq’s baby. With time, Laila befriends Mariam, and the two of them try to escape to Pakistan with Laila’s new daughter Aziza. They’re caught by the police as they’re boarding a bus and sent back to Rasheed.

What is the setting of a Thousand Splendid Suns?

Book Summary. Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List. A Thousand Splendid Suns is set in Afghanistan from the early 1960s to the early 2000s. Mariam, a young girl in the 1960s, grows up outside Herat, a small city in Afghanistan.

Who is Tariq in a Thousand Splendid Suns?

Growing up down the street from Rasheed and Mariam is Laila, a young, intelligent girl from a loving family. However, the Afghani war against the Soviets disrupts Laila’s childhood and both her older brothers leave to join the war. Laila seeks comfort from her best friend, Tariq, a boy a few years older than her.

How does Hosseini foreshadow problems with Zalmai in Chapter 40?

Hosseini foreshadows problems for Laila’s children in Chapter 40 as the situation in Kabul worsens. Hosseini foreshadows problems with Zalmai by contrasting his behavior when he’s with Rasheed to his behavior with Laila. When alone with Laila and Mariam, Zalmai is obedient and loving.

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