What are Ganesha other names?

What are Ganesha other names?

Ganesh Chaturthi special: Different names of Lord Ganesha and their meanings

  • Vignharta. Lord Ganesha is also known as the Vignharta, the one who takes away all the problems and pain.
  • Gajanana. Gajanana meaning the one with the face of an elephant.
  • Lambodara.
  • Vinayaka.
  • Ekdant.
  • Vikata.
  • Sumukh.
  • Bhalchandra.

What is Ganesha’s first name?

Because Shiva considered Ganesha too alluring, he gave him the head of an elephant and a protruding belly. Ganesha’s earliest name was Ekadanta (One Tusked), referring to his single whole tusk, the other being broken. Some of the earliest images of Ganesha show him holding his broken tusk.

What flower is for Ganesh?

The single, red flowered Hibiscus variety is usually offered to Lord Ganesha, in fact, Hibiscus is said to be the most favourite flower of Lord Ganesha. This flower is recommended to be used for all ten days of the festival.

Who is Ganesh sister?

In many regional cultures, Gauri is considered to be Ganesha’s sisters — Jyestha and Kanishta, who have come looking for him. Two idols of Goddess Gauri are brought home and worshipped by people with elaborate rituals. Some people also believe Gauri to be a form of Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha’s mother.

Who is Ganesha wife?

Take the quiz. In some parts of India Ganesha is depicted as celibate, but in others he is said to be married to both Buddhi (“Intelligence”) and Siddhi (“Success”). Yet other traditions give him a third wife, Riddhi (“Prosperity”).

What is Ganesha’s favorite color?

The favourite colours of Lord Ganesha are green and yellow. This is why Lord Ganesha loves the marigold flowers because of the pure yellow colour that these flowers have. All of Ganesha’s favourite things must be offered to him during Ganesh Chaturthi whenever he is worshipped by his devotees.

What is Ganesha Favourite sweet?

The delicious modaks (sweet dumplings) are considered to be one of Ganpati’s most favourite sweets. He is also called Modakpriya in the scriptures owing to his great love for modak. Hence on the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees tend to offer him a bhog of modak.

Who is the sister of Lord Ganesh?

How many names of Ganesha are there in Hinduism?

Every day, I bow down to that Lord, the son of Gowri, the Lord one who lives in the heart of the devotees, blessing them always with good health and prosperity. Starting from here the twelve names of Ganesha are mentioned and he is worshipped in those different forms.

What happens if we remember the twelve names of Ganesha three times?

Any person, who remembers these twelve names of Ganesha, three times in a day, will have all their obstacles and fear removed and will attain success. (This group of verses is said to be sage Narada’s offering to Lord Ganesh.)

What is the meaning of the name of Lord Ganesha?

(6) Vikat: Means ferocious or dreadful and Lord Ganesha is also known by this name as he was fearless and fought ferociously with demons so this name of Ganesha gives courage to the devotee to become fearless.

What is the meaning of sumukh and ekdantt of Lord Ganesha?

(1) Sumukh: Means good looking face which Lord Ganesha possessed and this beautiful face with well-formed features becomes the center of attention of the devotees worshiping the Lord during any ceremony. (2) Ekdantt: Which means one teeth or tusk, this symbolizes that one should be able to look beyond the Mayavik (delusive) duality of nature.

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