What are facial features of British people?

What are facial features of British people?

Two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The UK is very diverse, so there are no specific “British” facial features.

What are European facial features?

Europe is a huge continent, so their facial features can vary greatly. However, most Europeans have long, narrow noses, prominent cheekbones, hooded and almond-shaped eyes, and thin lips. The face shape, eye color, complexion, etc.

What are the most attractive facial features?

Characteristic features of the female “sexy face” in comparison to the “unsexy face”:

  • Fuller lips.
  • Slightly bigger distance of eyes.
  • Darker, narrower eye brows.
  • More, longer and darker lashes.
  • Higher cheek bones.
  • Narrower nose.
  • No eye rings.
  • Thinner lids.

What are English physical traits?

People of English ancestry have many physical traits in common:

  • Two eyes, varying in colour from dark brown through green to very light blue/grey.
  • Body hair, most thickly at the top of the head, ranging in colour from very dark brown to ‘beach blonde’
  • Two ears, varying in size.

Can you tell ethnicity by facial features?

Ancestry and physical appearance are highly related; it is often possible to infer an individual’s recent ancestry based on physically observable features such as facial structure and skin color.

What are typical Dutch facial features?

What are Dutch facial features? Dutch women have significantly longer and broader faces compared with UK women; their palpebral fissure and nasal widths are significantly greater, their nasal ridge length and upper face proportion are significantly reduced, and their nares are significantly more anteverted.

What is considered attractive in Britain?

The UKs ideal body image has thinner legs and arms, as well as a flatter stomach. Women with fuller lips, a slimmer face, larger eyes, and higher cheekbones are considered as being more attractive, and men with more rugged and masculine faces are again seen as being much more attractive.

What are common English features?


  1. Wearing summer clothing at the first sight of sun.
  2. Apologising automatically.
  3. Ability to talk at length about the weather.
  4. Making a cup of tea in response to a crisis.
  5. Finding queue-jumping the ultimate crime.
  6. Forming a queue for pretty much anything.
  7. The typical British ‘stiff upper lip’


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