What are aluminum trees worth?

What are aluminum trees worth?

How Much Is an Aluminum Christmas Tree? The Christmas trees range from $50 to $400 based on height, style, weight and age. Since they’re vintage, you’ll have to go searching for listings from individual sellers.

Are aluminum Christmas trees still made?

The festive aluminum trees were first mass-produced by the Aluminum Specialty Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The company, impressed by an expensive aluminum tree available at the time, decided they could manufacture a cheaper version….Aluminum Trees Make a Comeback this Christmas.

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Are old Christmas trees worth anything?

In fact, on sites like eBay, some trees have sold for $500 or more, Today reported. Typically they fetch at least $100 and up to a couple hundred dollars.

How old are aluminum Christmas trees?

Aluminum Christmas trees were first commercially manufactured sometime around 1955, remained popular into the 1960s, and were manufactured into the 1970s. The trees were first manufactured by Modern Coatings, Inc. of Chicago.

When were aluminum Christmas trees popular?

In the 1960s, the aluminum Christmas tree enjoyed a brief but spectacular period of popularity that propelled this item into the realms of classic, kitschy Americana. They were novel and different, something shiny and modern that spoke of a new era.

Why don’t they make aluminum Christmas trees anymore?

The aluminum tree market collapsed. Sales plummeted, and, in 1970, the Aluminum Specialty Company discontinued its production of aluminum Christmas trees. Close to a million were produced, but, in the end, most of them ended up in trash cans and flea markets.

Why did they stop making aluminum Christmas trees?

As the mid-1960s passed, the aluminum Christmas tree began to fall out of favor, with many thrown away or relegated to basements and attics. The airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas in 1965 has been credited with ending the era of the aluminum tree, and by 1967 their time had almost completely passed.

When were white Xmas trees popular?

Things got colorful in the 1950s. The all-white tree was another popular option.

How much is the Fox Christmas tree worth?

The Xmas tree had 10,000 glass ornaments, 100,000 lights, and cost a whopping 500,000 dollars. It took workers 21 hours to assemble, too.

How big is a 1970s vintage silver Christmas tree?

Attention! Christmas decorations are not included !!!It was 1970s.Vintage 51″inches Aluminum Vintage Silver Christmas Tree.!!! Attention! Christmas decorations are not included !!!It was 1970s.Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree, Silver Christmas Tree, Big 53″ (134cm) !!!Without Christmas decorations!!! 1970s Vintage NEW!!!

What kind of Christmas tree was made in 1950?

These high-quality nostalgic trees are a hand-made re-creation of the deco ‘Space Age’ aluminum Christmas tree of the 1950s. They are made to last for many Christmas seasons to come! Aluminum Christmas Trees.

How tall is a 7 foot aluminum Christmas tree?

Also, only NEW Aluminum Christmas trees ordered from Oak Tree Vintage come with 2 FREE spare branches. The 7 ft “Classic” Aluminum Christmas Tree is one of our best sellers. It stands 7’6″ tall and has a diameter of approximately 54″.

How big is a vintage pom pom silver aluminum Christmas tree?

Vintage Pom Pom Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree 4 foot. W/ Red Tinsel. VINTAGE MIRRO 7’ MAJESTIC CHRISTMAS TREE 200 BRANCHES! NO STAND BEAUTIFUL 1960s

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