What are all the parts of an axle?

What are all the parts of an axle?

Wheel studs, axle bearings and splines are all axle parts. Other axle parts are C-clips, differentials and ring gears. Features such as spring pads, differential covers and gaskets are also required to assemble axles.

How do I identify my Dana 30 front axle?

Dana 30 Axle Identification A Dana 30 cover will look like a rounded square. It should have 10 bolt holes and is 9 inches wide.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Dana 30?

Labor should be no higher than $250-300 at the VERY most and a rebuild kit with all new bearings should only be $75-90 or less.

Can a Dana 30 handle 37s?

If you took it out wheeling with 37s on the stock Dana 30, I have no doubt you’d probably break some axle shafts in short order. However, with alloy shafts and responsible driving (meaning not using heavy throttle every time you get in a sticky situation) you should be just fine.

What are the parts of a front axle?

Front Axle: Located in the front of the vehicle, this axle is responsible for assisting with steering and processing shocks from the uneven surface of the road. They have four main parts, which are the beam, the swivel pin, the track rod, and the stub axle.

What are the types of front axle?

There is two types of front axles : (a) Dead front axle, and (b) Line front axle. Dead axles are those axles, which donet rotate. These axles have sufficient rigidity and strength to take the weight.

How can you tell Dana axles apart?

To figure out exactly what axle you have, you can look for the Dana stamped bill of materials number. This stamped number can usually be found on the righthand side or on the longer axletube on the same side of the tube as the differential cover, facing the rear of the truck.

Can Dana 30 Handle 35 tires?

Brian, there is no definitive rule of thumb when it comes to running 35-inch tires under a JK with a Dana 30 front axle. Yes, you may twist your axle housing or explode the carrier running 35s, but you could do just the same running 33s.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Dana 44 rear axle?

They will rebuild it, including setting the ring and pinion. For $300 for the front and $350 for the rear.

Can you put 37 inch tires on a Dana 30?

Jerry Bransford said: I wouldn’t run 37’s on a Dana 30 even with 30 spline alloy shafts and CTM u-joints. I won’t run 37’s on my front Dana 44 with 30 spline Superior Axle Evolution shafts and CTM u-joints. Those two axles share the same weaknesses… the same exact axle tubes, knuckles, bearings, ball joints, etc.

What is the center of an axle called?

The wheel and axle consists of a round disk, known as a wheel, with a rod through the centre of it, known as the axle.

How to rebuild a Dana 30 front axle?

With the release of several new products from Warn, owners of stock model-30 axles have the opportunity to make a good axle even better—without ponying up the big bucks for a custom Dana 44. One of our first steps to building a better 30 was to install a Warn front-hub conversion kit. Dana 30s in newer Jeeps are a full-time unit-bearing design.

Is Dana 30 and Dana 44 spindle the same?

There are 3 different spindles that were used from 66-77. All Bronco Dana 30’s and 71-72 1/2 Dana 44’s use a spindle with the spindle/outer axle seal pressed into the back of it. These have 6 bolt holes. The 72 1/2-75’s do not have the spindle/outer axle seal pressed into the back.

How to identify a high pinion Dana 30?

Dana axles are very easy to identify and their numbering system is consistent irregardless of the vehicle they came in. The axle model number is cast in to the housing (30, 44, 60) either on the right (facing the axle cover) lower web at the point where the axle tube is pressed in to the center section or in the nose of the housing near the

How to pull a bearing off a Dana 30 carrier?

Place the opposite end of the carrier on the two-by-four block of wood. Install the new bearing on the carrier as far as possible by hand, and make sure it is perfectly straight. Drive the bearing the rest of the way on with the pipe (which should be the same diameter as the race of the bearing) and the large hammer.

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