Is the Good Morning America host gay?

Is the Good Morning America host gay?

Roberts is the anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America. Roberts was the first woman of color and first openly LGBTQ+ woman to host the American TV game show Jeopardy!…Robin Roberts (newscaster)

Robin Roberts
Years active 1983–present
Partner(s) Amber Laign (2005–present)
Parent(s) Lawrence E. Roberts (father)
Relatives Sally-Ann Roberts (sister)

Who is Robin Roberts partner?

Amber Laign (2005–)Robin Roberts / Partner
ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts said Thursday that she will be away from the morning show from time to time as she supports her partner, Amber Laign, through treatment for breast cancer.

Is Robin leaving GMA?

After taking a rare week off following testing positive for COVID-19, Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts virtually returned to the ABC show this morning, calling in from her home studio in Connecticut.

Is Robin Roberts married to Amber Laign?

Robin and Amber aren’t married but have been together for almost 17 years. The pair reportedly met for the first time on a blind date. The GMA host, 61, opened up about her relationship with Amber in her 2014 book, Everybody’s Got Something.

Who is Robin Roberts Street outlaws?

Robin Robert, a man in his mid-50s, is a well-known television personality. He is mostly known as one of the cast on the American Reality Show Street Outlaws. Let’s begin with his bio. Robin has been involved in the sport of racing ever since he was a child.

What disease does Robin Roberts have?

Roberts, 51, told viewers of the ABC show that she has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a rare blood disorder affecting the bone marrow and sometimes referred to as pre-leukemia.

Is Michael Strahan leaving Good Morning America?

Michael Strahan will continue to greet ABC morning viewers as part of a renewed pact that will keep him on “Good Morning America” for the next several years.

Did Robin Roberts adopt a child?

Robin and Amber recently celebrated their 16th anniversary Their adopted “Lil Man Lukas,” has become a firm fixture in their lives and he even has his own Instagram account. He lives the life of luxury at their beautiful Connecticut home and enjoys vacations with his much-loved owners too.

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