Is the Glock 30S worth buying?

Is the Glock 30S worth buying?

The Glock 30S is likely the most comfortable compact pistol Glock makes, but it still requires some slight modification to be a truly comfortable gun. It is likely more accurate than anyone shooting it. I’m confident with it out to 50 yards. There is no more reliable a pistol in the world.

What type of gun is a Glock 30?

The GLOCK 30S pistol successfully combines a short frame (SF) with reduced grip size and a slimmer slide (S), with the powerful 45 Auto round. Its compact design and simple operation allow smooth drawing in a 45 Auto caliber pistol that fits the hands of almost any user.

What ammo does Glock 30 use?

.45 ACP round
The Glock 30 is one of the smallest pistols chambered in . 45 ACP round.

How many rounds does a Glock 30 hold?

10 rounds
45ACP. The Glock 30 is the down-sized version of the Glock 21. With a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, the Glock 30 gives you a total of 11 rounds of . 45ACP in your weapon (10+1 in the chamber).

What ammo does Glock 30 take?

Is Glock 30 a good gun?

There are so many more to list but now you have a toss up of 3 guns. “Is the Glock 30 a good gun”? Nope, it’s a great gun no matter what variant you choose. Each has its advantages, the 30S has a slimmer slide, the 30 SF shares the SF frame with the 30S but has the full size 30 slide, and the 30 has the larger standard slide and frame.

What is the value of a Glock Model 30?

The new value of a GLOCK 30SF pistol has fallen ($15.91) dollars over the past 12 months to a

What Gen is my Glock 30?

schick79. Need some help identifying which particular model this Glock 30 is.

  • Noponer. Early Gen3,not SF (short frame) variety.
  • svtpwnz. Early Gen3,not SF (short frame) variety.
  • glide. Links on the OP are not showing photos.
  • Noponer. Links on the OP are not showing photos.
  • schick79. Links on the OP are not showing photos.
  • 9L0ck
  • schick79.
  • glide.
  • Noponer.
  • What caliber is a Glock 30?

    Glock 30: The Glock 30 is a .45 ACP version of the subcompact Glock 29, with a standard magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The factory magazine from the Glock 21, with a capacity of 13 rounds, will function in the Glock 30.

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