Is the Farmall 560 a good tractor?

Is the Farmall 560 a good tractor?

At the end of the day, the Farmall 560 was – and still is – a great tractor. Dealerships fixed the tractors with issues, and Harvester implemented those fixes on the assembly line as well. If you’ve got a 560 today and it runs and drives, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

How much horsepower does a 560 diesel have?

72.5 hp
International Harvester 560

International Harvester 560 Power
Engine: 72.5 hp 54.1 kW
Drawbar (tested): 44.83 hp 33.4 kW
PTO (tested): 61.04 hp 45.5 kW
power test details …

How much horsepower does a Farmall 560 have?

66 horsepower

Farmall 560
Weight 6,563 pounds (2,977 kg) (gasoline), 6,785 pounds (3,078 kg) (diesel)
Propulsion Rear wheels
Engine model International Harvester C263 (gasoline and LP), International Harvester D282 (diesel)
Gross power 66 horsepower (49 kW)

What replaced Farmall 560?

The Farmall 1206 replaced the 560 with a maximum of 113 HP from a turbocharged diesel engine, compared the previous high of 61 HP. The line was filled out by the Model 806 at 94 HP, the 706 with 73 HP, and the 606 with around 50 HP. In 1976, the model numbers and horsepower numbers continued to go up.

What killed International Harvester?

Low profit margins over a long period had a devastating impact on International Harvester. The final loss of IH independence in 1984 came after a long period of profit margins below those of its competitors.

What engine is in a Farmall 560?

International Harvester C263
Farmall 560 Engine

Engine Detail
International Harvester C263
Displacement: 263 ci 4.3 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.5625×4.3906 inches 90 x 112 mm
Air cleaner: oil bath

How wide is a Farmall 560?

85 inches
Farmall 560 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 96 inches 243 cm
Length: 141 inches 358 cm
155 inches 393 cm (Hi-Clear)
Width: 85 inches 215 cm (min)

How much does a Farmall 560 weight?

Base weight for a diesel with zero options and no fuel or coolant was 5,960 lbs, which would already be pushing it for a car trailer with tandem 3,500 lb axles. Figure in coolant, fuel, and common options like PTO, TA, hydraulics, Fast-Hitch, and wide front, and you’re at 7500 lbs easy.

What happened to Farmall tractors?

During the 1940s and 1950s, the brand was ubiquitous in North American farming. Various trends in farming after the 1960s—such as the decline of cultivating in favor of herbicidal weed control, and the consolidation of the agricultural sector into larger but fewer farms—ended the era of Farmall manufacturing.

Who owns IH tractor?

Fiat Group
Case IH is a brand of CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI), a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat Group (FIA: MI). Case IH has powered agriculture for more than 170 years. It began in 1842, when Jerome Increase Case founded Case in Racine, WI to build threshing machines.

Where can I buy a 560 International Diesel Diesel?

International 560 Diesel selling for local farmer runs drives hours unknown selling with Farmhand loader three spool pto pump 2 point hitch wide front viewings encouraged we can help load located at Kobza Auction in David City Call John for details 402-625-7254 Call Tammy a… Enter search information and click the Search button below.

Where to buy a 1960 International 560 tractor in Nebraska?

Sound Tight Tractor! 1960 International 560 tractor selling for local acreage owner runs and drives has a little pop at higher rpm 2 point hitch 540 pto TA out rear weights wide front gas burner Buy upon your inspection located at Kobza Auction in David City Nebraska Call John for details 402_62…

What kind of engine does an IH 560 have?

Up for sale is a 1981 International 560B Wheel Loader. 1981 International 560B wheel loader Hours: 7,755 on meter. Engine Cummins Serial: 31123624 Cylinders: 6 Fuel type: Diesel Transmission Powers…See More Details IH 560 gas W/Fast hitch, starts and runs good, TA works fine, factory wide front.

How much does a Farmall 560 diesel cost?

Buyer’s premium included in price USD $156.00 Farmall 560 Diesel, runs well, operates as it should. Exact hours & year are unknown. Ignition switch at time of pictures was not working, takes a special way to start it, switch is supposed to be replaced by the time the sale ends. Loader inclu…

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