Is TES SSB tougher than NDA SSB?

Is TES SSB tougher than NDA SSB?

NDA SSB is difficult as compared to the technical entry scheme SSB because of the fact that technical entry is just based on most of the times graduation score however NDA is examination based SSB and therefore the assessment in SSB is is difficult as compared to technical entry.

What is SSB in TES?

Indian Army 10+2 TES Selection Process: Indian Army invites applications from unmarried male candidates for Permanent Commission in 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme Course. Candidates will be selected on the basis of performance in Psychological Test, Group Test and Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview.

Can we choose SSB date?

Candidates have the option to select the date of SSB interview. Candidates have the facility to select the interview date till December 28.

Is TES SSB easy?

TES entry is far easier than the NDA entry. For the selection in NDA you will need to clear Written Exam, SSB Interview and Medical exam, etc while in the TES Entry, if you have scored more than 70% marks in the 12th Board and get shortlisted for the SSB Interview. You will only need to clear the SSB Interview.

Is Jee compulsory for TES?

According to the most recent Indian Army update, JEE mains will be made mandatory for applicants registering for the TES Technical Entry Scheme in 2021. JEE mains will be required as an eligibility condition beginning with TES-46, coupled with 70 percent marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math) in 12th grade.

Is TES only for army?

but they choose to serve the nation by joining the Indian Armed Forces by going through entries like NDA and TES. 3….Difference Between NDA & TES Entry.

Parameters NDA Entry TES Entry
Service This entry is for Indian Air Force Indian Army Indian Navy Only for the Indian Army

Can I speak Hindi in SSB interview?

Originally Answered: Can we talk in Hindi with an interviewing officer in an SSB interview? Yes Hindi/English or combination of both can be used during the interview,however English should be preferred as the language for medium of communication during interview as it is mostly used for functioning in the forces.

What is the salary of TES?

Indian Army TES Salary and Pay Scale Structure

kkRank Level of Pay Pay in Rupees
Lieutenant Level 10 Rs 56,100 – 1,77,500
Captain Level 10B Rs 61,300 – 1,93,900
Major Level 11 Rs 69,400 – 2,07,200
Lt Colonel Level 12A Rs 1,21,200 – 2,12,400

Is SSB reduced to 3 days?

The De Novo Selection System is undergoing trials at Bangalore SSB and is likely to be implemented at all SSBs by 2019. By reducing the period of SSB testing to three days, the new system will also help in making up for shortages by allowing a greater number of candidates to be tested.

How many SSB Centres are there in India?

How many SSB Centres are there for Indian Air Force Selection Board (AFSB)? Alike the SSB Centres for recruiting Indian Army Officer, there are four SSB Centres for Indian Air Force.

Which is better tea or NDA?

There is a huge difference between the two. For NDA students from all streams can appear. Whereas for TES (Technical Entry Scheme) only students with 70% aggregate in PCM can only apply. For TES entry you directly appear for your SSB On other side for NDA you need to clear the written.

Is TES 45 cut off released?


TES 45 80%
TES 44 88%
TES 43 79%
TES 42 85%

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