Is solidor Painswick grey or green?

Is solidor Painswick grey or green?

Named in honour of the historic wool town set in the Cotswold Hills characterised by its buildings of pale grey limestone, Painswick has proved just as well liked. You can have it applied to any door within the Solidor range.

What colour is Painswick solidor?

Painswick combines subtle hints of blue & green yet sits closely to a neutral grey, and so lends itself well to both contemporary and traditional composite door styles. Love contemporary style?

Is Painswick the same as Agate grey?

Agate Grey Also known as ‘Painswick’, this subtle blend of light green and grey is fast becoming a firm favourite with heritage property owners, as it perfectly complements light/yellow tinged stonework.

What Colours go with Painswick grey?

Painswick (Agate Grey) is becoming incredibly popular with PVCu windows and doors. Homeowners are drawn to the soft grey or green tones of the light grey colour. The colour itself goes well with most brick (or stone) colours, so it can be installed into new homes or old cottages and townhouses.

What colour is Chartwell green?

Chartwell Green does not have an exact RAL colour and so it comes down to finding the closest match. Suggestions are RAL 6021 Pale Green but we would always recommend a sample to ensure that you receive a good match.

What RAL is Painswick?

RAL 7038
Painswick Grey is available with the woodgrain effect both internally and externally only which means the effect is stained throughout the frame (nearest RAL 7038).

What is agate grey?

Agate Grey (RAL 7038) is a calming and fresh colour for those that are looking to bring a modern feel to their home without introducing deep greys such as Anthracite and Slate Grey. Often linked to harmony, an Agate Grey door will make those entering your home feel a natural sense of emotional balance.

What are painswick windows?

Painswick windows have outstripped sales of Anthracite Grey windows to become the most popular colour that we do. Often referred to as Agate Grey around the web, or RAL 7038 if looking at Aluminium, it’s also our favourite! Normally, they come with smooth white ovolo decoration inside.

Will grey windows go out of fashion?

The answer is an emphatic no. Anthracite Grey windows have been in fashion for such a long time that it seems unlikely they will ever fall out of favour. Grey windows can add elegance and variety to any property.

What are Painswick Windows?

Why is it called Chartwell Green?

Chartwell Green takes its name from the country home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell House in Kent. Churchill and his wife Clementine painted the garden furniture this colour.

What BS number is Chartwell Green?

The reference given to this colour will be Chartwell Green (BS 4800) and the price will remain the same as all the other colours with a delivery of approximately 4 weeks as for the popular standard colour options.

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