Is Royal Enfield Electra still available?

Is Royal Enfield Electra still available?

Royal Enfield has discontinued the Electra brand from their line-up, but some bikes are still available with dealers. Royal Enfield has discontinued the Electra brand from their line-up and the motorcycle is no longer to be seen on the company’s official website.

Is Electra bullet good?

Build quality is better, fuel consumption is better, and even turn lights look better on Electra TwinSpark. Looks like the better has become even more better. Overall it is worthy bike, for the cruiser inside you.

Is Electra and Bullet same?

Coming to the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra, it is a more stylised and modern day version of the traditional Bullet, both in terms of looks and technology. Though designed on the same lines, Royal Enfield Electra has an added distinction to it, making the bike look different than its older sibling.

Is Bullet 350 Electra discontinued?

Royal Enfield Denies Discontinuing Electra in India, Will be Sold as Bullet 350 ES. Royal Enfield has recently issued a statement which says that the Electra has not been discontinued from the Indian two-wheeler market. The bike will instead come with a different name that is Bullet 350 ES.

What is the difference between Electra and standard bullet?

What is the difference in features between Electra 350 and Standard 350cc – Bullet 350? Electra have dist break in front wheel and drum break in rear whereas standard have only drum breaks front and rear and standard have point system which electra don’t and you can standard with your hand if its point is set.

What is the price of Bullet Electra 350?

Rs 1.60 lakh
Colour Options and Price in India Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350 price price is Rs 1.60 lakh (ex-showroom). Made Like a Gun, Goes Like a Bullet! Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350 on road price is Rs 1.82 lakh in Delhi, Rs 1.89 lakh in Mumbai, Rs 1.86 lakh in Kolkata, and Rs 1.83 lakh in Chennai.

Is Electra good for long rides?

Bullet Electra is a great bike for long rides. Both riding and pillion seats are more comfortable than that of classic and the bike has good torque and lesser vibrations compared to other RE models in this class.

Is Electra 350 a good bike?

Hey friends, I have royal Enfield electra 350 cc bike and I am using from three years its a awesome bike, its milage is also good , mean 350 cc gives 40 kmpl its good compare to 150 cc or 180 cc other bikes, and not too much heavy for maintenance compared to other bikes, feel comfortable due to its height for long …

What is the difference between Electra and standard Bullet?

What is the difference between Royal Enfield Electra and classic?

Trying to figure out which of these bikes or scooters to buy?…Bullet Electra Vs Classic 350 – Which model is Cheapest?

Summary Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Royal Enfield Classic 350
Body Type Cruiser Cruiser
Mileage 40.00 Km/l 37.00 Km/l
Power 19.80 bhp 20.20 bhp
Engine 346.0 CC 349.0 CC

Why Old bullet is discontinued?

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Actually the 500cc engines were not able to meet the BS6 emission norms, thus the company decided to bid farewell to the models equipped with it.

Why was the Bullet 350 discontinued?

The reason for Royal Enfield to not update the Trials 350 could be down to the lesser than expected sales for the model. This comes after Royal Enfield had discontinued the entire 500cc lineup in January, except for the Classic 500, during which the Classic 500 trials too had faced the axe.

Why is the Royal Enfield Electra so successful?

Overview. Royal Enfield Electra is an advanced version of Bullet which went on to become the best-selling model of Royal Enfield. This bike bridges down the gap between regular Bullet and Classic 350. Let’s try to know the reasons behind its success. Electra is an attempt from Royal Enfield to modernize the looks of evergreen Bullet.

What are the colours of Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350?

Colour Options and Price in India Bike Variant Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350 Colours Red, Black, Silver, Blue Ex-Showroom Price Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350 price p Current Status Available

What is the tyre size of Royal Enfield Electra?

Royal Enfield Electra has R19 sizes of tyres. The two variants of this bike are available in 4 different colors: Black, Silver, Red, and Blue. The self-start variant of Electra may cost you around INR 1.10 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi (approx., may vary)).

Is the Electra worth it?

Electra is an excellent bike and a rare one with an old world charm. That is exactly the reason i went out and bought the Electra. Let’s hope this model gains some cult status in the future.

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