Is Mundo support viable?

Is Mundo support viable?

Mundo support is VERY weak in the current support meta with the absolute domination of lockdown and all in supports that he can’t compete with, alongside the Nami buff giving people like Cait and MF even more brutal harass that he can’t deal with.

Is New Mundo AP or AD?

Mundo is a full tank champion in LoL. He is a mix of AD and AP because some of his abilities are categorized as magic damage and some as physical damage. However, Mundo does NOT scale with AP or AD. His abilities only scale with bonus health.

Is Mundo good early?

He is highly immobile, making it very easy for the enemy Jungler to gank his lane. The enemy laner can deliberately let him push in order to get him to overextend and ultimately killed. Play safe in the early game. Wait until you have a few levels and item components under your belt before looking to fight.

Is Mundo a good main?

Mundo is one of the worst top laners with abysmal rankings. His win rate is awful and high elo players don’t want to play him. Low elo players have a completely different experience with the pick, though.

How much be is mundo?

Mundo (Legacy skin, costing 520 RP)

What is Mundo good against?

Another great choice against Mundo is Tryndamere. With the ability to heal himself, Tryndamere can outduel Mundo early and bully him away from farm. Dodging cleavers is key for this matchup.

Is Mundo a good pick?

Despite being a fast-clearing tank jungler in a meta that favors that champion archetype, Mundo is hard to pick for two reasons. He entirely lacks hard CC to lock down targets and peel for his team, and he relies heavily on healing in a meta where Grevious Wounds is easy to buy.

Is Mundo early or late?

Now Mundo is a champion that becomes basically unkillable late game, able to build basically straight tank and deal damage through his empowered AA with E and his max health Q. But, the graph above shows the opposite, he is really strong early and trends off quite significantly late game.

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