Is much better correct grammar?

Is much better correct grammar?

“much better” is correct, meaning “a lot better” or “a great deal better”. For example: “I feel much better now” or “I am much better at English than I am at mathematics”. “more better” and “much more better” are incorrect.

Is it much better or more better?

Member. “much better” is grammatical meaning something is a lot better than something else. “more better” is no grammatical structure. “more + adjective” forms the comparative, but better is already a comparative, so “more better” is simply wrong.

Is much better in sentence?

Today we know much better. He is much better away. She is much better this morning. I understand him so much better than he does himself.

What does much better mean?

used to say that a particular action or situation would be even more successful: If you can go there this afternoon, so much the better.

Can you say way much better?

“Way better” and “way more” are popular expressions, but they both seem incorrect to me. “Far better”, “far more”, “much better”, and “much more” all seem correct.

Is much better wrong?

Yes, “much better” (and, in general, much + comparative) is correct usage. Some examples: Today I’m feeling much better than yesterday.

Is much better synonym?

“If you enjoy engaging in office politics or family squabbles, this is might be a much better alternative that does far less harm to others.”…What is another word for much better?

a lot better in a different class
streets ahead strongly preferable
vastly superior

How can I use better in a sentence?

Better sentence example

  1. Better stop by and get Howard Spencer.
  2. We’d better go down for breakfast.
  3. I suppose no place is better than home on Christmas.
  4. I feel much better now.
  5. He thinks you are better than us.
  6. He seemed in better spirits than usual and awaited his son with great impatience.

Can I say so much better?

One could also say “so much better,” “very much so,” “really much better,” or “much better.” These phrases depend on the question or subject matter of what is better. In the right context/usage it is definitely correct, such as: The weather is very much better than it was.

Is far more better?

‘. You can use far to mean ‘very much’ when you are comparing two things and emphasizing the difference between them. For example, you can say that something is far better or far worse than something else to indicate that it is very much better or worse.

How do you say a lot better?

a lot

  1. astronomically,
  2. big-time,
  3. broadly,
  4. colossally,
  5. considerably,
  6. enormously,
  7. extensively,
  8. greatly,

What’s another way to say good better best?

Good, better and best

  • sound.
  • the cherry on (top of) the cake idiom.
  • topper.
  • unsurpassed.
  • up.
  • up your game idiom.
  • uplift.
  • well.

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