Is Mouseman furniture still made?

Is Mouseman furniture still made?

“Mouseman” furniture is still produced in Kilburn by the family-run firm relying on traditional Yorkshire values.

What is Robert Thompson’s furniture made from?

oak furniture
The whimsical trademark probably needs no introduction. For close to a century solid oak furniture and trinkets made in a workshop close to the parish church at the Kilburn, North Yorkshire have featured a carved mouse on almost every piece. The Mouseman was Robert Thompson (1876-1955) and his ethos was simple.

What is Mouseman furniture?

Robert (Mouseman) Thompson (7 May 1876 – 8 December 1955), also known as ‘Mousey’ Thompson, was a British furniture maker. He was born and lived in Kilburn, North Yorkshire, England, where he set up a business manufacturing oak furniture, which featured a carved mouse on almost every piece.

Where is the Mouseman furniture made?

Kilburn, York
Kilburn, York, North Yorkshire YO61 4AH From a single acorn to a finished piece of beautifully hand crafted oak furniture.

Who was known as the mouseman?

Robert ‘Mousey’ Thompson (1876-1955) was an English craftsman inspired by the British vernacular tradition. A Mouseman pedestal desk from the Senior Library, £18,000 at Tennants in July 2008.

Where is the Mouse Man in Yorkshire?

Take a look at the pews, choir stalls and chairs in Hubberholme church or at the rood loft and oak pews, or in the church at Bolton Abbey where you’ll find the distinctive mouse carving on the Bishop’s Chair and board listing previous Priors.

Is jockey Robert Thompson still riding?

The 63-year-old’s last ride was on July 3 at Port Macquarie and he said on Sky Sports Radio on Tuesday that retirement had been on his mind for a while but when Covid caused him to abandon plans to attend the Cairns Amateurs in September he decided it was the right time.

Why did Robert Thompson start carving mice on his furniture?

The idea for the mouse carvings came about when Thompson had a commission to repair a church and was carving a huge cornice for a screen. He was chatting to his apprentices and one of them commented that they were ‘as poor as church mice’.

Who carved a mouse on his work?

Robert Thompson
So who was the ‘Mouseman’? ​Robert Thompson was born in 1876, lived in Kilburn near Thirsk and made oak furniture. A small carved mouse made him famous. He was carving an altar rail one day, bemoaning his poverty with a colleague, saying they were ‘as poor as a church mouse’.

Who carved the mice?

How many winners has Robert Thompson ridden?

4447 winners
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Where is Robert Thompson now?

After an eight-year sentence for the horrific act, Robert Thompson was released and handed a new identity. He is reported to be still living in the U.k. at the age of 38. He was rumored to be in a long-term relationship with the man who recognized his actual identity in 2010.

Can Mouseman furniture be sold as vintage?

It is something of a bugbear for the current custodians of the family firm of Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Ltd that Mouseman furniture and domestic objects are frequently offered for sale as vintage when details of construction suggest otherwise. Here are a few general tips.

Who is Mouseman®?

Based administratively from home in Lancaster, Lancashire, and with a large showroom at the Preston Antique Centre, Preston, Lancashire, handcrafted vintage furniture and collectables by Robert Thompson, the ‘ Mouseman’® of Kilburn, feature prominently in our stock portfolio.

Who are the best Mouseman antiques dealers in Yorkshire?

David Siddall – Mouseman Antiques Dealer and other Yorkshire critter craftsmen. Specialist dealer in vintage Yorkshire Oak Antique Arts and Crafts furniture including decorative arts. Specialist dealers in vintage and antique Mouseman, Yorkshire Critters, Arts & Crafts furniture and collectables.

What does a Robert Mouseman Thompson bookcase look like?

A wonderful example of the extremely popular 2’9″ (w) x 4′ (h) solid oak Robert Mouseman Thompson Bookcase. Of typical form with thick plank sides, fixed top shelf with rear upstand and panelled back. Four adjustable shelves and a signature mouse carved prominently to the leading edge one of the side panels.

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