Is Mitakeumi Hisashi a sumo wrestler?

Is Mitakeumi Hisashi a sumo wrestler?

Mitakeumi Hisashi ( Japanese: 御嶽海 久司, born December 25, 1992 as Hisashi Omichi (大道 久司, Ōmichi Hisashi)) is a Japanese professional sumo wrestler from Agematsu, Nagano. He is in the Dewanoumi stable. He is a pusher thruster-type wrestler.

How did Mitakeumi win the grand sumo tournament?

(Kyodo) Mitakeumi defeated sumo’s top wrestler, Terunofuji, Sunday on the final day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo to capture the championship, his third career title. Mitakeumi warded off his opponent’s attempted belt grab and a forearm to the face to get double underhooks and a belt grab of his own.

What is Mitakeumi’s birth name?

The new ozeki sumo wrestler Mitakeumi’s birth name is Hisashi Omichi. His mother is a Filipina who first came to Japan as a member of an all-girls band. New ozeki sumo wrestler Mitakeumi.

What is Mitakeumi’s highest sumo rank?

His highest rank as of 2022 is ozeki. Mitakeumi was born as Hisashi Omichi on 25 December 1992 to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother. He began in sumo at Agematsu Elementary school as a first grader at a sumo tournament in okuwa where he lost to an opponent smaller than himself.

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