Is Hubert Laws alive?

Is Hubert Laws alive?

Hubert Laws
Genres Jazz, classical
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Flute
Years active 1964–present

Who influenced Hubert Laws?

His mother Miola played gospel music on piano. In his early teen years, Hubert worked primarily with R&B bands … at neighborhood dances. He turned to jazz through the influence of his high school band director at Phillis Wheatley. Sammy Harris first exposed him to jazz, he recalls.

What kind of flute does Hubert Laws play?

The main flute that I use for recording and performing is a solid silver Handmade flute made by retired Northern California flutemaker George Koregelos. Before he started making his own brand, he was in partnership with a fellow named Roy Seaman (the famous piccolo maker).

Where is Hubert Laws from?

Houston, TXHubert Laws / Place of birth

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