Is Granada in southern Spain?

Is Granada in southern Spain?

Granada, city, capital of Granada provincia (province) in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Andalusia, southern Spain. It lies along the Genil River at the northwestern slope of the Sierra Nevada, 2,260 feet (689 metres) above sea level.

What is special about Granada Spain?

A city in southern Spain with grand Islamic architecture, free tapas, counterculture street art and a beer spa, Granada surprises and delights visitors. Many are drawn to the vibrant Spanish city for its show-stopping hilltop fortress, the Alhambra.

Is Granada Spain worth visiting?

Both Seville and Granada are iconic Andalusian destinations well worth visiting. Each city has a wealth of attractions, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and lively flamenco and tapas scenes.

Is Granada Spain a good place to live?

Compared to big cities, Granada is a very safe place to live. I’ve never heard of any major crime in the city at all. Granadinos are intimidated by the gypsies but they seem pretty decent to me. Going out at night is not a problem at all — in fact Granada has a vibrant night life thanks to the big student population.

What language do they speak in Granada?

Spanish LanguageGranada / Official languageSpanish is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from colloquial spoken Latin in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is a global language with nearly 500 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain. Wikipedia

Do they speak English in Granada?

Although Spanish is the main language in Granada, English, French and German are usually spoken and understood at most attractions, museums, hotels and restaurants that cater for visitors.

Are there beaches in Granada Spain?

The 73 km of beaches along the coast of Granada have clean and clear water as well as a pleasant temperature practically the entire year. This stretch of coastline is home to 17 towns, including Almuñécar, Motril, La Herradura and Salobreña. It also has beaches for everyone, but with their own tropical feel.

How far is Granada Spain from the sea?

The distance between Granada and Mediterranean Sea is 2129 km.

Are people in Granada friendly?

Attractive, clean and pedestrian friendly. Besides being attractive, one of the things that really impressed us about Granada was the cleanliness. The city is also pedestrian friendly with many pedestrian only streets.

Is English spoken in Granada?

What does Granada stand for?

Granada ( / ɡrəˈnɑːdə / grə-NAH-də, Spanish: [ɡɾaˈnaða], locally [ɡɾaˈna]) is the capital city of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the confluence of four rivers, the Darro, the Genil, the Monachil and the Beiro.

What is the Alhambra in Granada?

The Alhambra is a Nasrid “palace city”. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. It is certainly Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of the most visited in Spain.

What is the geography like in Granada?

Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the confluence of four rivers, the Darro, the Genil, the Monachil and the Beiro. Ascribed to the Vega de Granada comarca, the city sits at an average elevation of 738 m (2,421 ft) above sea level, yet is only one hour by car from the Mediterranean coast, the Costa Tropical.

How to get to and from Granada?

The main company operating bus transport in Granada is Transportes Rober. There is also bus transportation to and from the airport with the company Alsa. Granada railway station has rail connections with many cities in Spain. There are several types of train service to and from Granada

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