Is G502 better than G402?

Is G502 better than G402?

Our Verdict The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury and the Logitech G502 HERO are very similar. The G402 has lower click latency, a more consistent sensor, and it’s lighter. On the other hand, the G502 has a shorter lift-off distance, more programmable buttons, and the scroll wheel has L/R tilt and free scrolling.

Is G402 good for CSGO?

G402 is a good and popular mouse. It proven as a good mouse for gaming. G305 is smaller than the G402, it’s wireless and lighter but newer, some said that it has more updated and better sensor. If you need a wireless and light mouse, the G305 is a better choice.

Is G402 heavier than G502?

The G502 is significantly heavier than the G402 especially if you use the additional custom weights. This is a neat feature because it allows those of us who prefer heavier mice to customise it to the exact weight we want.

Is Logitech G402 still good?

The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is excellent for MMO games. It has an excellent build quality, and it’s comfortable to use for extended periods, which is great for those long raids. It has many programmable buttons, but it might not be enough for some MMO players. Low click latency.

Is G502 good for FPS?

The Logitech G502 HERO is a very good mouse for FPS games. It feels very well-built and comfortable to use thanks to its grippy body and right-handed shape with a thumb rest, which also has a sniper button built into it. It has very low click latency and a wide customizable CPI range.

Does the G402 have infinite scroll?

Mice that have infinite scrolling Logitech: G502 Hero, G502 Proteus Spectrum, G502 Hero, G300s, G703 Lightspeed, M705, G602, M510, G402 Hyperion Fury, G5, G500, G9x.

Is G402 worth in 2021?

Yes, Logitech G402 is hands down the best budget gaming mouse.

Can the G502 double click?

Neither the Logitech G502 or G Pro Wireless can double click out the box. However, it is common for double clicking to be possible once the mouse has been used and worn down. The click speeds with the G502 or G Pro wireless tend to be slower than other mice when double clicking.

Does the Razer basilisk have infinite scroll?

Razer’s Basilisk series has always more or less been a clone of the popular Logitech G502. With the previous V2 update, it got even closer, but it still used an adjustable scroll wheel instead of Logitech’s famous “infinite scrolling” free-spinning design. Now, Razer has taken that too.

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