Is f15 better than Su-30?

Is f15 better than Su-30?

India Air Force Su-30 MKI jets. In terms of maximum speed, the F-15 Eagle has an edge. It has a top speed that is slightly above Mach 2.5, while the Su-30 MKI is capable of a top speed of Mach 2. The former’s range of 3,900 km also exceeds the 3,000 km range of the latter.

Which is faster Rafale or Sukhoi?

Sukhoi is much better than Rafale. The speed of su 30mki is 2.1 to 2.2 mach. And most important point is that now su 30mki has Brahmos missile. And Brahmos is world’s fastest super cruise missile….Rafale vs SU-30MKI.

Range (mile) 62 99
Range (km) 100 160
Speed (mph) 2640 2970
Speed (km/h) 4248 4779

Which is better Sukhoi vs MiG?

It is able to carry weapons on 12 hard points as compared to the MiG 8 hard points. The Su-35 has an additional 30% more range. In terms of weapons, it could carry a much heavier and bigger weapons than the MiG such as the long range anti ship Brahmos missile as well as the much longer range R-27 missiles.

Which is better Mig 35 vs Rafale?

The Rafale has advance technologies to perform the multirole capabilities which i can say is much better over the MIG-35. Rafale has lower RCS due to its design features. The MIG-35 is more agile as it uses thrust vectoring nozzle to perform very tight turns at various speed. An ideal performance in close combat.

Is SUG 35 better than MiG-35?

The Su-35, being a higher-end platform, is better equipped to be deployed against elite heavyweights such as F-2 Raptors while MiG-35 can still hold its ground against even higher-end adversaries, and also retaining considerable performance advantages.

What is the difference between Su-30MKI and F-16?

While F-16 is very much lighter and has better Speed, Su-30MKI is equipped with TVC (Thrust-Vectoring Control) engines which means its ITR (Instantaneous Turn Rate) can be extreme. Superior Agility and Aerodynamic performance of SU-30MKI easily compensates for its bigger size than F-16. Pakistan’s warplane F-16

Did India’s Su-30 MKI aircraft spoof US F-16 missiles?

In a big achievement, the Indian Air Force (IAF) revealed that Sukhoi Su-30 MKI aircraft had spoofed a number of most advanced US long-range radar-guided air-to-air AMRAAM missiles fired at it by Pakistan’s F-16 on February 27.

How many American AMRAAMs did Pakistan’s F-16 shoot down in India?

Pakistani fighter pilots flying their F-16 combat aircraft had fired four to five American AMRAAMs (AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missile) from a distance of 40-50 km at the Indian aircraft including the Su-30 and the MiG-21 Bison.

Is F-16IN a complete new aircraft for India?

“The F-16IN is a complete new aircraft and totally caters to India’s requirements and there could be no comparison with Block 50 and 60 fighters, being made for other countries,” he said.

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