Is Cashify safe?

Is Cashify safe?

Thus, we conclude that it is after all safe to sell your old phones to Cashify. But to be on the safe side, we’ll always say its better safe than sorry….

Is it safe to buy phone from Cashify?

Buying Phone from Trustworthy Source Pro Tip: You just need to buy a phone from a trustworthy website like Cashify which is quite well known in the industry and they offer smartphones that have gone through stringent quality checks and they also provide a warranty for these refurbished devices….

How can I sell my dead cell phone?

Visit our website using your PC or Mobile and find the item that you wish to sell / recycle. Answer few questions on your device condition and get instant quote. Provide your details and choose preferred pick up date time slot to place an order with us.

What is mobile phone paragraph?

A mobile phone (also known as a hand phone, cell phone, or cellular telephone) is a small portable radio telephone. The mobile phone can be used to communicate over long distances without wires. As mobile phones became more popular, they began to cost less money, and more people could afford them.

What is exchange offer on Amazon?

The Exchange Offer programme allows you to exchange a used product for a discount on a new product in the same category. For example, exchange your used mobile phone for a discount when buying a new one. Our buyback partners calculate and fully fund the Exchange Offer discount.

Which is the best site to sell mobile phones?

5 Best Websites To Recycle And Sell Used Mobile Phones In 2020

  • Cashify. Sell Used Mobiles is perhaps the most popular site in this niche.
  • Budli. Budli is another website that accepts used phones.
  • Moswap. Moswap is another such website that deals in second-hand electronic goods.
  • Atterobay.
  • Karma recycling.

How do I become a Cashify partner?

Please drop an email to [email protected] with the subject “Cashify Partnership”. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Is Cashify trusted?

Can I trust Cashify? Yes, you can trust them. You can sell your gadget in just few steps and they will come to your doorstep to pickup your device. They offers you best price for your device with free pickup with your selected date and time.

What is cellphone use?

Mobile phones used in today’s world allow users to send and receive text messages, emails, photos and video as well as access the Internet, play games, listen to music, use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and more.

Where can I sell a dead cell phone?

These websites refurbish and rectify the issues an old device have and then resell it to retailers so that they can be sold to people who are looking for second hand phones. But what about a dead phone?…

  • Cashify.
  • Instacash.
  • Karma Recycling.
  • Flipkart.
  • Olx and Quikr.

What is Cashify business model?

The marketplace is Cashify’s core businesses – which connects customers selling old devices with our partners who are looking to buy second-hand devices. Cashify provides you the devices and the logistics. The bulk model allows partners to purchase multiple devices together, across a variety of sources.

Does toothpaste fix a cracked screen?

Sometimes, toothpaste has been touted as an abrasive which will soften the edges of a scratch in the glass, fill it in, and appear to repair said minor scratch when it dries hard, but it doesn’t actually repair the glass, much less a broken screen. The only remedy for a broken screen is a replacement.

How do I contact Cashify?

Get in Touch

  1. Connect with us: For support or any questions: Call us at or Email us at [email protected] for Sell & Repair Queries.
  2. Corporate Office: 3rd & 4th Floor, Plot No.
  3. Registered Office: Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd.
  4. Banglore Office:
  5. Kolkata Office:
  6. Bihar Office:

Can broken phone screen be fixed?

Cracked or broken mobile device screens can be costly to fix, but a few inexpensive do-it-yourself strategies can eliminate a repair shop visit and salvage your tablet or phone. Replacing the tablet’s touchscreen can cost $50-$75 extra. Replacing the cracked glass with a functioning touchscreen is much cheaper….

Who owns Cashify?

Nakul Kumar

How does Cashify make money?

The firm has a simple revenue model: Buy old phones, add value and then sell them in the second-hand electronic distribution channel at a margin. According to the co-founder of Cashify, the start-up does 100,000 transactions a month….

Does Cashify give cash?

Answer:The Instant Cash payment method, refers to Cashify making the payment for your device in cash. The Cashify agent will be handing you the cash payment for your used device at the time of the pickup.

Can broken screen phone be exchanged?

You have the option to exchange any smartphone, as long as it is in a working condition and get a differential value based on phone condition. The better the condition, the better the exchange value! You can even exchange phones even with broken screens, scratches on screen/body, etc….

Where is mobile used?

Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping in touch with family members, for conducting business, and in order to have access to a telephone in the event of an emergency. Some people carry more than one mobile phone for different purposes, such as for business and personal use.

Can we trust refurbished mobiles?

This is important when the phone has had some defects before and a warranty is the only protection, in case any issue crops up at a later time. If the phone does not include a warranty, think twice before purchasing it. A refurbished phone costs a lot less than the same device in brand-new condition….

Can I sell my broken phone?

If you’re wondering “Can I sell my broken phone?” The answer is – YES! The good news is that you can still often get a lot of money for your phone even if it’s broken.

How do Cashify works?

The Instant Cash payment method, refers to Cashify making the payment for your device in cash. The Cashify agent will be handing you the cash payment for your used device at the time of the pickup. After a successful transaction, Cashify will text an OTP (one-time password) to your registered mobile number.

Does Amazon accept broken phone in exchange?

If you are returning a Mobile, Laptop or TV, such Used Product must be in working condition, and the display / screen of the Used Product should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discolouration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner.

How much is a broken phone worth?

How much are broken phones worth? It depends on the buyer, model and type of damage, but you can typically expect to get around 50% to 80% less than the value of a phone in “good” condition.

Does Best Buy buy broken phones?

Yes they do. I have traded in with Best Buy a few times and they buy back and working cell from most big carriers. You can check on their website for the buy back program. BestBuy will buyback any phone, I got the iPhone 6 on 9-20-14, and they bought my t mobile iPhone 5s for $300….

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