Is Caserta palace worth visiting?

Is Caserta palace worth visiting?

Although Caserta itself isn’t a ‘Tourist hotspot’, the Royal Palace is definitely worth a visit. A visit will take you at least one whole day to do the Palace and the Park. There are 1,200 rooms in the palace although they are not all open to the public.

Does anyone live in the Royal Palace of Caserta?

In terms of volume, the Royal Palace of Caserta is the largest royal residence in the world with over 2 million m³ and covering an area of 47,000 m²….

Royal Palace of Caserta
Address Viale Douhet, 81100 Caserta CE, Italy
Construction started 1752
Technical details
Size 247 × 184 × 36 meters (42 meters including the roof)

What is Caserta Italy known for?

It is an important agricultural, commercial and industrial comune and city. Caserta is located on the edge of the Campanian plain at the foot of the Campanian Subapennine mountain range. The city is best known for the Royal Palace of Caserta….

Region Campania
Province Caserta (CE)

Can you visit the Royal Palace of Caserta?

Visiting Caserta Palace from Naples is worth the effort and you’ll find lavish state rooms that you can tour through, plus the incredible Caserta Palace Gardens in the vast Caserta Park behind the main building.

How long is Caserta palace?

In Caserta there are no other remarkable attractions, so one day is enough for a complete visit and you will also able to focus on other beautiful places, such as the fascinating Sorrento Peninsula or the islands of Ischia and Capri and Capri.

How long does it take to visit Caserta?

Royal Palace of Caserta Location The journey should take you a little over one hour.

Where is the Royal Palace of Caserta?

Combining the influences of Versailles, Rome, and Tuscany, the Caserta Royal Palace and Park, north of Naples, was designed according to the wishes of Charles of Bourbon III by Luigi Vanvitelli, one of the greatest Italian architects of the 18th century.

Why was the Royal Palace of Caserta built?

In 1751, Charles III, ruler of the Kingdom of Naples and future king of Spain, decided to build himself a royal residence. Naples, the capital of his kingdom, was too vulnerable to attack, but the well-protected plains around Caserta were vast enough to accommodate a truly majestic palace.

What is the meaning of Caserta?

Caserta Name Meaning Italian: habitational name from Caserta, a city in Campania, named in medieval Latin as casa irta ‘impregnable house’.

Is Caserta Italy near Naples?

Caserta, city, Campania regione, southern Italy, north of Naples.

How do you get to Caserta Italy?

You can easily reach the stunning Caserta Palace by train. If you’re in Naples, simply take one of the regional trains operated by Trenitalia and get off at Caserta train station, which is only a 5-minute walk from the palace.

How big is the palace of Caserta?

11 acres
The Royal Palace at Caserta spreads out before observers as a monumental complex of 45, 000 s.q.m. (484,376 sq. ft. or approx. 11 acres) and, with its five floors, stands 36 meters (118 feet) tall.

What is the Royal Palace of Caserta?

The Royal Palace of Caserta was commissioned by King Charles III of Bourbon in 1752. It was designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, but major sections were completed by his son, Carlo Vanvitelli. A large portion of the palace’s construction was halted during Napoleon’s rule and only under Joachim Murat’s dominion were some works carried out.

What to do in Caserta?

The Royal Palace of Caserta was once the abode for various Kings of Naples. It is the largest palace in the world and is the finest representation of Baroque art. You can marvel at the various artworks and riches on display at the painted halls of the Royal Apartments.

Where to find the Palatine Chapel in Caserta?

The Palatine Chapel is situated near the entrance of the Royal Apartments and was inaugurated in the Christmas of 1784. The Palatine Library occupies 3 rooms of the Old Apartments in the Royal Palace of Caserta and is furnished beautifully in walnut and mahogany.

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