Is Callum still under the Platts house?

Is Callum still under the Platts house?

Corrie: David Platt discovers a sinkhole in his garden Coronation Street viewers know Callum Logan was buried under the Platts house in 2016 after he was killed by Kylie Platt (played by Paula Lane).

Is that a new Max in Coronation Street?

Corrie’s new Max star reveals how he felt taking over the role and teen’s new ‘rebel’ side. Paddy Bever is Coronation Street’s latest teen to be causing havoc on the famous street. The actor recently joined the ITV soap, taking over the role of Max Platt.

Is Max David’s son?

Max, the adopted son of David Platt, got a new face as Paddy Bever took over the role from Harry McDermott. And viewers have also noted a change in character for the 15-year-old.

What happened to Callum in Coronation Street?

In the episode, Callum was murdered by Kylie as she defended sister-in-law Sarah Platt.

Who is Max Platts mum?

Kylie Platt
Kylie Platt (née Turner) was the wife of David and mother of Max Turner and Lily Platt. Kylie was raised by a drug addict mother and abusive father. She resented her half-sister Becky Granger for leaving home when Kylie was eight, and was thrown out after getting pregnant when she was nineteen.

Who killed Callum Logan?

Sarah Platt attempted to trick Callum into confessing all his crimes, but upon realising that he was being setup, Callum attacked her. She was saved by Kylie who killed him with a blow to the head using a wrench.

How old is Paddy Bever in Corrie?

Who Plays Max In Coronation Street? Paddy Bever of age around his 20s is playing Max Turner on the ITV series Coronation Street.

Who is Harry Platts father?

Callum Logan
Harry Platt is the son of Sarah Barlow and half-brother of Bethany Platt and Max Turner. His and Max’s father, Callum Logan, was killed by Kylie Platt as he assaulted Sarah, in an incident that took place before Harry was born. He currently lives with Sarah and her husband Adam Barlow at Redbank Apartments.

Who killed Callum in Coronation Street?

When Callum became caught up in a hefty drug debt, he tried to get the money to pay it off from the Platts. After attacking Sarah Platt in the family home for trying to expose him, Kylie killed him by hitting him over the head with a wrench during a special live episode of the show.

Was Callum Logan’s body found?

SPOILER: Coronation Street’s most grisly secret is unearthed as Callum’s body is discovered at Gail’s home. CORONATION Street residents had a grisly discovery as Callum Logan’s body was finally unearthed. It was to be a nail-biting time for the murderous Platt family as their gruesome secret comes back to haunt them.

Who is Max Turner’s dad?

father Callum Logan
Biography. Kylie Turner gave birth to Max when she was nineteen on 5th September 2006. Max’s father Callum Logan wasn’t on the scene during her pregnancy and after Max was born, he ended up in prison for assaulting a judge, later losing touch with his partner and child.

What age is Paddy Bever?

Paddy Bever Age Height The new actor Paddy has not revealed his exact age yet. However, judging his looks, he seems to be in his 20s now.

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