Is BT a good broadband provider?

Is BT a good broadband provider?

BT broadband review 2021 One of Britain’s best-known broadband providers, BT boasts a good choice of internet packages, an array of extras and customer incentives, plus wide availability across the country. But is it the best option for you and your household? Let’s take a look…

Which BT router has the best WiFi in the UK?

For a more in-depth review on BT’s TV offering, have a read of the review. BT claims that their Smart Hub router, available with the brand’s Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 packages, boasts the best wifi signal in the UK.

How good is BT’s customer service?

According to Ofcom, BT’s customer service ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack. Customers are generally satisfied with their broadband, with complaints received about BT broadly in line with the industry average, and are fairly satisfied with how issues are handled.

How do I complain about BT Broadband?

Can you please contact us on Twitter @bt_uk or on Facebook (BT)? We will be able to look after both your fault and your complaint. Plus, if we can’t reach you over the phone, we can always reply back to you to arrange a suitable time to speak. The prices that you stated for having no service, per day, are wrong.

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