Is betulinic acid water soluble?

Is betulinic acid water soluble?

The solubility of betulinic acid in water is only about 0.02 μg mL−1 at room temperature. Its solubility in common organic solvents at 25 °C is also fairly low; e.g., 1% (w/v) in ethanol and 5% (w/v) in DMSO.

What is betulinic acid used for?

The natural compound betulinic acid shows potent anticancer activity through activation of the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in cancer cells. Betulinic acid may also be used in combination protocols to enhance its antitumor activity, for example with chemo- or radiotherapy or with the death receptor ligand TRAIL.

Is betulin an alcohol?

As is evident, betulin is a pentacyclic triterpene, and the five rings are labeled A–E. This molecule has 10 chiral centers, a primary alcohol at C28, a secondary alcohol at C3, and a 1,1-disubstituted alkene between C20–C29.

Where does betulinic acid come from?

Betulinic acid (Fig. 28.1) is found in the bark of several species of plants, principally the white birch (Betula pubescens) (Tan et al., 2003). Betulinic acid has very a low water solubility that causes low bioavailability.

What is the difference between triterpenoids and Triterpenes?

As nouns the difference between triterpenoid and triterpene is that triterpenoid is (label) a terpenoid having a c30 skeleton while triterpene is (organic chemistry) any terpene formed from six isoprene units, and having thirty carbon atoms; they are relatively rare.

Does Chaga have betulinic acid?

Betulinic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene sterol that naturally occurs in the chaga (Inonotus obliquus) mushroom. Chaga converts betulin from its birch tree host into betulinic acid which is more biologically active in humans and other mammals.

Is betulin polar?

Betulin is a pentacyclic triterpenoid that is lupane having a double bond at position 20(29) as well as 3beta-hydroxy and 28-hydroxymethyl substituents….3.1Computed Properties.

Property Name Property Value Reference
Topological Polar Surface Area 40.5 Ų Computed by Cactvs (PubChem release 2021.05.07)

What foods contain betulinic acid?

Are triterpenes terpenes?

Triterpenes are a class of chemical compounds composed of three terpene units with the molecular formula C30H48; they may also be thought of as consisting of six isoprene units.

What is triterpenoids good for?

Triterpenoids are used for medicinal purposes in many Asian countries for antiinflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, hepatoprotective, cardiotonic, sedative and tonic effects (28, 33, 34).

Can chaga cause kidney stones?

Chaga mushrooms are high in oxalates, which can increase the risk of kidney stones. Those who have kidney disease, a prior history of kidney stones, or who are at risk of kidney stones should not take chaga. To avoid complications, speak to your doctor before using an herbal supplement.

Is gallic acid soluble in water?

The experimental data show that the solubility of gallic acid in different solvents increases smoothly with increasing temperature. However, the solubility of gallic acid in methanol is higher than in ethanol, water, and ethyl acetate.

What is the molecular weight of betulinic acid?

Betulinic acid PubChem CID 64971 Synonyms betulinic acid 472-15-1 Mairin Betulic a Molecular Weight 456.7 Date s Modify 2021-07-10 Create 2005-03-26

What is betulinic acid (Mairin)?

Betulinic acid, also known as mairin or betulinate, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as triterpenoids. These are terpene molecules containing six isoprene units. Betulinic acid exists as a solid and is considered to be practically insoluble (in water) and relatively neutral.

Betulinic acid is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid which has anti-retroviral, anti-malarial, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a more recently discovered potential as an anticancer agent, by inhibition of topoisomerase.

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