Is an EJ considered a central line?

Is an EJ considered a central line?

Not all EJ access are considered peripheral IVs because a catheter placed via the external jugular vein and advanced into position where the distal tip dwells in the lower one-third of the SVC to the junction of the SVC and RA is considered a central venous access device (central line).

What is an EJ line?

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”External Jugular Vein (EJ)”] The EJ vein is a great site for rapid IV access. It can often be accessed without ultrasound guidance and is a large vein that can often be used for medication/fluid administration and phlebotomy.

What is an IJ line used for?

It is often used for reliable venous access in ill patients. There are numerous routes of central venous access including internal jugular (IJ), subclavian and femoral. This module will focus on internal jugular central venous catheter placement.

Is a jugular IV a central line?

A central venous line is a tube that is inserted into one of the large veins leading to the heart. A CVL inserted into the internal jugular vein is used in children who need IV therapy for a long period of time. IV therapy can include medications, chemotherapy and IV fluids.

Is an EJ a PICC line?

Definitions. External jugular peripherally inserted central catheters (EJ PICCs) are defined as catheters placed through the external jugular vein and advanced into position where the distal tip dwells in the lower one-third of the superior vena cava to the junction of the superior vena cava and the right atrium.

Can a nurse place an IJ?

The conditions under which the RN may insert the IJCVC, including but not limited to a clinical environment that supports patient safety and well-being through appropriate: a. Monitoring and documentation of physiologic measurements (e.g., blood pressure, oxygen saturation, cardiac rate and rhythm); b.

How do you do EJV?


  1. Place patient in Trendelenburg position and rotate head to opposite side of cannulation.
  2. Position yourself at the head of the bed facing the patient.
  3. Clean skin with appropriate antiseptic.
  4. Use non-dominant thumb to provide counter-traction and index finger to tamponade EJV just superior to clavicle.

Can an RN place an EJ?

It is the position of the Infusion Nurses Society that a qualified licensed registered nurse may insert, care for, maintain, and remove EJ PICCs and EJ PIVs.

Is an IJ a PICC?

Vascular Wellness – Internal Jugular Central Lines When clinically indicated, Vascular Wellness clinicians will insert an Internal Jugular Line into the vein and weave it to the SVC. This is a central line that is not peripherally inserted, such as a PICC line.

How do you place an IJ?

Most commonly, the central approach to the internal jugular vein is used, which may decrease the chance of pleural or carotid arterial puncture. The introducer needle is inserted at about a 30 to 40° angle to the skin at the apex (superior angle) of the anterior cervical triangle, aiming toward the ipsilateral nipple.

What does JVD mean?

When the jugular vein is visible, it’s known as jugular vein distention (JVD). Internal and external jugular veins run along the right and left sides of your neck. They bring blood from your head to the superior vena cava, which is the largest vein in the upper body.

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