Is a dropper seatpost worth it?

Is a dropper seatpost worth it?

It’s a pity, because using a dropper seatpost enhances your riding. Actually, it does more than enhance, it noticeably changes the way you ride. A dropper seatpost, used properly, gives you more confidence, more manoeuvrability, more control, more traction and, obviously, more speed.

Which dropper post is the lightest?

BikeYoke Divine SL Dropper Post Claimed to be the lightest dropper post in the world, the Divine SL features just 80mm of travel. That might not sound like much (especially alongside BikeYoke’s own 185mm travel options) but for XC riders and racers, 80mm is likely to be sufficient.

What are the benefits of a dropper seatpost?

The main benefit of a dropper post is increased safety while riding. As mentioned above, the lever system allows you to quickly move the saddle out of the way when approaching descents or trail obstacles.

Can you put a dropper post on a hardtail?

definitely yes. a hardtail pedals better, so it is worth having your seat post nice and high to make the most of that.

How much of a difference does a dropper post make?

For XC racers, a dropper post helps them achieve a slightly lower center of gravity to navigate short and technical descents, while enduro riders can easily pedal uphill before triggering the dropper for a 15-minute black diamond descent.

How do I choose a dropper post?

To choose the correct travel dropper post, measure from the seatpost collar to the seat rail (in your climbing, or highest setting) on your current bike. Subtract 50mm from this measurement and the resulting number is the maximum travel length dropper post you can comfortably run.

Is there a weight limit on dropper posts?

The rider no longer needs to lower / remove the seatpost when riding downhill and they do not need to reinsert / raise it when riding uphill….Specifications.

Weight 720 g (incl. cable and remote lever)
Travel 150 mm
Max. length 303 mm
Diameter 30.9 / 31.6 mm
Setback 0 mm

What should I look for when buying a dropper post?

Is the Thomson elite covert dropper seatpost user serviceable?

The Thomson Elite Covert dropper seatpost is not user serviceable and requires a return to the manufacturer or authorized service center for repairs. However, the service interval is two years compared to a 3 month service interval for KS.

What are the best dropper seatposts?

Thomson’s Elite Covert is a top-of-the-line dropper post from one of the industry’s most respected parts manufacturers. The Bike Yoke Revive is without a doubt one of the best dropper seatposts we’ve tested.

Why choose Thomson seatposts?

Thomson might be a latecomer to the dropper post world, but they wanted to make sure their entry was as close to perfect as possible before its release. The company has a reputation for manufacturing high quality, well designed products, and understandably didn’t want to sully their name by rushing a hastily created seatpost to market.

How does the Thomson Elite dropper work?

When the rider pushes the handlebar-mounted lever, a cable pulls on a cam that rotates, allowing the seatpost to move through its 5in (125mm) of travel. Internally, the Thomson Elite Dropper uses a nitrogen cartridge pressurized to 200psi, which acts as the return spring.

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