Is 120cm softbox too big?

Is 120cm softbox too big?

Your 120cm (48″) softbox should be large enough for good soft light, especially for waist up shots of a seated mother with child.

What size Octabox should I get?

That means the 18-inch octabox created a harsher more direct light that Joey recommends you soften with more ambient light; the 60-inch octabox, on the other hand, boasts a beautiful soft light with a much bigger spread, making it both more flattering and more versatile.

How big should a softbox be?

As a rule of thumb, the size of a softbox should be approximately the same size as your subject; meaning a head shot or half shot could require softboxes in the range of about 18 to 24″, whereas full-body shots could require multiple softboxes in the 48″ or larger range.

Are bigger softboxes better?

In general, the smaller the light source, the more concentrated and harsher the light will be, and the larger the light source the softer the light is. Larger softboxes work well for portraiture photography or large areas as they produce softer lighting with more gradual transitions between light and shadow.

What is better umbrella or softbox?

The bounce umbrella is a good choice on a budget and works well for quality eye reflections. It’s less controlled however and can cause light contamination. The softbox is the best choice when you are seeking the most control possible. It will also save you flash power so you get more shots out of each battery charge.

What is the largest softbox?

The Luxbanx Large Octagonal Softbox from Impact is a highly versatile tool for strobes, LEDs, and fluorescents….Impact Large Octagonal Specs.

Item Type 84″ Softbox (8-Sided Octagon Shape)
Maximum Wattage 250 W
Removable Front Face Yes
Interior Baffle Yes, Removable

Are larger softboxes better?

Which is better softbox or umbrella?

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