How would you describe Minerva Mirabal?

How would you describe Minerva Mirabal?

Minerva Mirabal, the third sister, is the ringleader of “the butterflies.” She’s the spunkiest, smartest sister, and arguably the bravest (though we think they’re all really brave). Minerva is the one who brings the revolutionary connections to the family, and the first one to open her eyes to the injustice in society.

How is Minerva Mirabal brave?

She had the bravery to go toe-to-toe with Trujillo, was quite willing to break the law, and wanted nothing more than to get involved with and involve others in the revolution. To begin with, Minerva Mirabal was certainly a brave and courageous individual.; and she made sure people knew it.

How would you describe Minerva?

Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, justice and commerce. She was the Etruscan counterpart to Greek Athena. Like Athena, Minerva burst from the head of her father, Jupiter (Greek Zeus), who had devoured her mother (Metis) in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent her birth.

What was Minerva’s role in the revolution?

She was the leader of the revolution in jail. She was strong willed. When she was released from prison, instead of calming down, laying low and trying to avoid any contact with the revolution, she only fought harder and that was what got her killed.

What secret does Sinita reveal Minerva?

In exchange for Minerva explaining the secrets of puberty, the “complications,” Sinita tells Minerva the secret of Trujillo. She describes the corrupt way Trujillo came to power, how her uncles, father, and brother were killed by Trujillo’s men after they discovered the bad things Trujillo was doing.

What does Minerva think about herself?

Minerva was the most courageous and determined out of the four sisters and always steadfast in her cause, even through hardships. Minerva is an admirable character, however she still has her downsides. Her impulsiveness and desire for independence is what gets her and her family into trouble.

Why is Minerva the most courageous?

Out of all the Mirabal sisters, being courageous was Minerva’s specialty to show how she feels without being verbal with her emotions, and to get her point across. Right from the beginning of the book Minerva chose to create actions that were not only courageous, but reckless.

Did Minerva slap Trujillo?

Trujillo returns to his flirtatious mood, and he starts pulling Minerva towards him aggressively. He thrusts at her “in a vulgar way” and Minerva slaps him.

How does Minerva change in the Time of the Butterflies?

Minerva Mirabal goes through metamorphosis like a butterfly, from egg to a larvae, then to a chrysalis, and finally to a blossoming butterfly. She changes immensely and gets other people of her country to aid her in defying the regime. She changes the life for her republic and for the people of her country.

Who is Minerva In the Time of Butterflies?

María Argentina Minerva Mirabal Reyes is the most outspoken and rebellious of the sisters and the first to join the movement against Trujillo. She desires freedom from her father’s rules and then from Trujillo’s police state. Minerva encounters Trujillo in person as a young woman, when he tries to seduce her.

What did Minerva Mirabal do?

Minerva and her husband, Manolo, were pioneers in the resistance movement against Trujillo. Together, they formed the 14th of June Movement in the early 60s. They named it after a failed revolt against Trujillo’s government which was led by exiled Dominicans.

What information about Trujillo does Sinitta share with Minerva?

After Minerva tells Sinita everything she knows about menstruation, Sinita trades her the secret of Trujillo: “We can all be killed.” María Teresa keeps Minerva’s secret about the political meetings.

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