How to draw a realistic dinosaur?

How to draw a realistic dinosaur?

Draw the outline of basic shapes for the dinosaur head,body,legs,and tail.

  • Erase outline and draw new lines for the dinosaur head,body,legs,and tail.
  • Draw new lines for dinosaur hands,eyes,and mouth. Give a line for both hands,add eyes and mouth.
  • Add teeth to the mouth. Then,add teeth and give a dinosaur skin texture.
  • Draw shading along the curves of the dinosaur body. As you can see,all it takes is 5 steps in order to draw a real dinosaur.
  • How to draw dinosaurs step by step?

    1) Draw a potato shape for the body and a random oblong shape forming both jaws, with an open mouth. 2) Join neck and body with 2 curvy lines and from the neck. 3) Draw a pear shape with a rounded rectangle and form another front leg. Form 3 overlapping shape bigger than the last one to draw another back leg. 4) Draw the eyes, pointed teeth, nostrils, and triangular eyebrows for the facial details. Draw pointed fingers and nails. 5) Add lines all over the body to give it a realistic look and shrinks on the skin. 6) Erase all extra lines and trace them with the marker or dark pencil. 7) You can color it with your choice or as given in the image below.

    How to draw a Tyrannosaurus?

    1) First, draw the head. Imagine a large, blunt peanut shape as the top portion, with a long, flat diamond shape as the jaw. 2) Draw the eyes and face. There should be two rows of fierce, sharp teeth that T-Rex is known for. Print Tutorial CLICK IMAGE FOR BIGGER VERSION 3) Draw the body as two lines extending down from the head, wide at the top, before getting skinnier along the neck, and then widening again along the middle 4) Draw the tail at the end of the body, about as long as the rest of the body, thick at the start and coming to a point, curving

    How to draw a dinosor?

    The easiest method to draw the dinosaur is to use a printer to print the picture of the dinosaur and then put the print on the paper on which you want to draw a dinosaur. After that, use a pencil with a sharp tip and draw on the print with pressure. Now remove that printout and follow the marks that will be made on your paper.

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