How often should a Klargester be serviced?

How often should a Klargester be serviced?

every 6 months
The motor, gearbox and bearings all need to be serviced every 6 months to ensure the discs rotate smoothly and efficiently, failure to do so can result in expensive repairs and potentially a pollution event.

How much power does a Klargester use?

Klargester BioDisc BA – 6 Person Sewage Treatment Plant

Model: BA
Standard Power Supply: 1 phase
Motor Rating (Watts): 50
Full Load Current 1 Phase (amps): 0.51
Sludge Return Pump Rating (watts): 250

Do you need to empty a Klargester?

Klargester Emptying Service These types of tanks need to be emptied or de sludged on a regular basis to prevent the build up of solids in your tank that has the potential to cause blockages in your soak away system.

How does a Klargester work?

How do they work? When working properly, Klargester tanks will collect wastewater from your home, separate the solids from the liquids and then discharge any leftover effluents into your drainage field or soakaway, rather than sewage treatment plants.

Does a Klargester BioDisc need emptying?

Standard system maintenance – including an annual service and periodic tank emptying – will also need to be carried out. By carrying out regular servicing and preventive maintenance, you should be able to stop any extensive problems from developing.

Is a Klargester a septic tank?

A Klargester septic tank is just one option among a variety of septic tanks available for your property. Klargester septic tanks are one option to use for disposing of the sewage and wastewater from your property.

Is a Klargester a sewage treatment plant?

Klargester BioDisc is a sewage treatment plant that has been designed specifically for domestic buildings that do not have access to mains drainage.

Is a Klargester BioDisc a septic tank?

This unit is ideal for locations where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation, or to a suitable watercourse, or where a septic tank will not meet the required standards. We have four models available, which can be selected after a quick consultation with our team to assess the needs of your home.

Is a Klargester the same as a septic tank?

How does a Klargester BioDisc work?

These discs rotate and bacteria grows onto them, treating the sewage to a level where the resulting effluent is suitable to discharge directly into a watercourse. The Klargester BioDisc is ideal for areas where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation or to a suitable watercourse if permitted.

What is a Klargester BioDisc?

The Klargester BioDisc is ideal for areas where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation or to a suitable watercourse if permitted. The Rotating Biological Contractor is unique to the BioDisc, and comprises of media discs onto which aerobic micro-organisms, naturally found in sewage, become established.

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